MULTI – New Era of Mobility in Buildings

  • 2018

  • Engineering

Commissioned By:

Thyssenkrupp Elevator AG

Designed In:


The MULTI is the world’s first rope-free elevator that applies linear motor technology to move multiple cars in one shaft both vertically and horizontally. Set to revolutionize tall building design and described by many as the industry’s holy grail, it represents the end of the 160-year reign of the rope-dependent elevator.

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  • 70% of the world's population will be living in cities by the end of the century. Cities need to expand without sacrificing open spaces and parks. Taller buildings provide more living and working space without increasing their footprint on the ground. They also allow planners to achieve a smart grid by enabling the centralized intelligent control of energy. With conventional elevators, the taller the building, the more shafts you need and the more space you waste. Standard elevators also limit skyscrapers’ functionality, design and shape. That’s why innovative solutions for moving people efficiently in these ever-higher buildings are a must.

  • Smaller footprint, greater capacity: MULTI offers multiple elevator cars per shaft. It reduces the elevators' footprint in buildings by up to 50% while increasing passenger throughput by at least as much. MULTI reduces the building’s overall size and energy consumption. No more building height and shape design constraints: With the MULTI, architects are no longer restricted in their designs by concerns about elevator shaft height and vertical alignment. MULTI opens the door to design possibilities in all directions. Significantly reduced waiting times: With MULTI’s multiple cabins in a single shaft, passengers never wait more than 30 seconds for a lift.

  • After having been first introduced in June 2017, the MULTI technology already found a first customer, will be installed at OVG Real Estate’s new East Side Tower in Berlin. The building that is set to become a new landmark on the Berlin skyline. OVG is already known for cutting-edge projects like The Edge in Amsterdam, renowned worldwide for earning the ‘world’s most sustainable office building’ title. Coen van Oostrom, CEO OVG Real Estate says: “We are absolutely delighted to partner with thyssenkrupp and to have the very first MULTI installed in our latest project.”

  • Already a legend After the 160-year reign of rope-dependent elevators, MULTI ushers a new era, which has already been recognized and awarded internationally: MULTI was named one of the 25 best innovations of 2017 by TIME magazine; it has won the German Design Award 2018 and is a finalist of the US American Tall Innovation Award 2018.