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  • 2022

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    Web Design and Development

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Mud Australia

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The Mud Australia website provides an elevated online shopping experience, delivering the high quality service people have come to expect from the instore experience. Just like the brand itself, the website has a minimal, elegant aesthetic that showcases the product, integrated content and the brands sustainability values.

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  • The previous Mud Australia website was outdated. The Information Architecture was hard to navigate, the mobile experience was broken, and it was challenging for employees to creating engaging content. These issues were felt threefold, as the website needs to deliver tailored content and products to 3 different regions around the world including Australia, United States and United Kingdom. These functional requirements needed to be addressed while creating an ecommerce experience that stood out from other websites. The website needed to feel like a comfortable space for people to sit and browse, just as they would instore.

  • Together with Mud Australia, we created an elevated ecommerce experience. One that truly reflects the instore experience. It beautifully showcases the products through detailed product and lifestyle images. The site inspires and support people's buying decisions through content and beautiful photography that is embedded throughout the journey, utilising rich module based CMS to do this. The headless CMS enables fast page loading for a smooth user experience across mobile and desktop and provided a foundation for future feature rollouts, new content and products.

  • The website is fresh out of the Kiln, going live in mid-May 2022 therefore it's too early to understand commercial impact, however the brand and product showcasing is sure to drive significant uplift in conversion and sales. The new site now enables Mud Australia to better communicate their sustainability goals, maintaining and improving their practices to be Carbon Neutral since 2020.

  • The platform was created using a modern Headless Architecture, which means the presentation of the content is done in a way that is completely separate to the way it's managed. This means the site itself is not directly connected to a CMS and operates in a serverless way, providing security and loading-speed benefits and an excellent viewer experience.