MOUS Fitness Bottle

  • 2017

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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MOUS Products

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MOUS’s focus is your health! The primary focus of the MOUS™ fitness bottle is to minimise bacteria growth with the introduction of a unique round bottom and modular design that makes cleaning your bottle effortless and eliminates the ability of bacteria accumulation.

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  • The MOUS Fitness Bottle embodies a perfectly round bottom cup at the center of its modular design. Even though this feature is aesthetically pleasing, its main purpose is to fix the following issues: 1. Clumping and Sticking Supplements Often supplements come in powder form and are mixed with a liquid. The powder tends to clump and to get stuck in the corners at the bottom of the 'generic shaker bottle', even after being shaken. When shaking the liquid/powder combination together in the MOUS Fitness Bottle, the two are forced into a central point at the bottom of the round cup. The condensed force is what breaks the clumps apart. No need for a whisk or strainer to solve this issue. Once supplements are stuck in the bottom corners of the 'generic shaker bottle', they seem impossible to remove deeming that supplement a waste. The MOUS unique round bottom means there are no corners and no waste. 2. Bacteria and Foul Odours When using your bottle for anything other than water, if not cleaned properly bacteria will form quickly leading to foul odours and health issues similar to food poisoning. To clean something properly it needs to be wiped down, with the introduction of the round bottom the user can easily contact all surfaces within the cup with a cloth and soapy water. When placed in the dishwasher, the hot liquid has a better chance of washing all over the inside of the cup. This design feature coupled with the highest quality materials enhances the MOUS Fitness Bottle's ability to reduce bacteria accumulation.

  • The MOUS Design philosophy doesn't just stop at the unique round bottom, it's incorporated into every facet of the design. One of the hardest areas to clean properly on any bottle is the thread. They are often made of geometries that are sharp and deep grooved. At MOUS we had to start the thread design again from scratch, completely changing the geometry to only consist of smooth curves and shallow grooves. Such a geometry allows a cloth to wipe between the grooves and ensures all surfaces go through the optimum cleaning and drying process.

  • A big issue when developing a bottle that consists of curved geometry is ensuring the product has the sharp geometry 'functional' benefits. Another unique feature about the MOUS Fitness Bottle is its modular design. Creating a bottle that can disassemble into 'easy to clean' and 'functional' components allowed the MOUS team to create a product that truly followed its health-related design philosophy. This is clearly shown with the transparent 'easy to clean' cup and the dominant opaque support stand that clip together to create the base of the MOUS fitness bottle. When in use, the bottle can stand by itself despite having a completely round bottom. When it comes time to clean the bottle, the two components pull apart, making cleaning the inside and outside of the transparent cup effortless.

  • The MOUS Fitness bottle has a heat bonded soft seal within the lid that ensures a robust leak-proof seal. The manufacturing process allowed the MOUS team to create a seal that doesn't allow moisture to get trapped underneath. Most of the generic bottles will add the seal in as a separate component, liquid then can get trapped underneath causing bacteria to grow around the mouth piece. The seal design was then extended to simplify the geometry within the lid and eliminate any hard to clean pockets.

    Style and beauty was a huge design factor that the MOUS team took seriously. Having to tailor for the female and male demographic, the design had to encompass sharp and soft geometric shapes. The result was a soft round cup that has been framed by a dominant support band. This design was carefully created to accommodate all personality types. Considering the MOUS Fitness Bottle eliminated the common issues, it is important that the user is proud to own the product for environmental purposes. The reason people throw away their 'generic shaker bottle' is because of the following reasons: the odour is unbearable, the bottle leaks, the function is below average or the design isn't worth keeping (not stylish).