MinterEllison Flex

  • 2017

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    Commercial Services

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MinterEllison Flex is a new business giving clients access to specialist contract lawyers to flexibly cover or boost their in-house capacity/capability.
It was developed after extensive market research, including key client consultation. Flex was launched to the market in April 2016 as a permanent, fully-integrated MinterEllison service offering.

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  • The innovative Flex service differs from other 'contact lawyer' models in two ways: 1. It complements traditional client secondment arrangements and is another pool of legal talent for clients to access knowing MinterEllison invests heavily in finding/matching suitable lawyers and clients - lawyers who will develop long-term client relationships and who are on par with lawyers within MinterEllison itself. 2. Flex lawyers are not isolated contract lawyers, but fully integrated into MinterEllison - employed directly, not as sub-contractors, and carefully vetted. They are aligned to MinterEllison practice groups and offered the same CLE/professional development opportunities. When on secondment, Flex lawyers are supported by MinterEllison just as it supports its own lawyers, including access to precedents/research tools and partners for help or as a sounding board. A continual feedback loop between the Flex lawyer, the client and MinterEllison ensures everyone's needs are met. Flex has enabled MinterEllison to further strengthen client relationships. It has given MinterEllison another innovative way to access and retain talent. And it has also allowed MinterEllison to draw on Flex's flexible resourcing options for its own needs.