Meet PAT “The One” Smart Outdoor Drinking Fountain

  • 2019

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Meet PAT

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A beautiful, strong and smart outdoor water bottle refill station and drinking fountain. Changing social perceptions on free outdoor water, it’s a product that encourages people to drink more water (less sugary drinks!), helps protect the environment and waterways, as well as reduce single use water bottle waste.

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  • The challenge was to design iconic, friendly, fun, approachable, sustainable products with modern branding and advertising. The key focus for the product was to address the: // difficulty finding and accessing clean free tap water. // stigma in using public drinking fountains and “town based” water being not clean/safe – that bottled water is safer. // environmental damage from plastic waste and transport pollution from single use water bottles. // health in the community and the impact of sugary drink consumption. The product was to be clean, hygienic, easy to use, disability compliant and designed for disassembly,

  • Meet PAT "The One" water station exceeded the brief. A scaleable design, where changing the frame extrusion lengths can create different product styles (height, width) and assembled in a modular component configuration. The product has interchangeable branded panels which can be updated, provide a brand or message and be styled to be sympathetic with the outdoor environment. The product has had signification government and community engagement as well as meeting many sustainability, social, usage and health goals.

  • The Meet PAT water station has world first LoraWAN remote smart metering monitoring technology. Based around this, the product system can monitor exact usage, time, date, location and provide live data analysis. The impact of each product installed be individually analysed into: //Total Litres Used //Total number of users (timestamped) //Estimated number of bottles saved from landfill (based on 500ml single use water bottle) //Estimated number of Kg of sugar saved from community consumption (compared to drinking sugary drinks) //Kilograms of C02 emissions saved when usage is compared to the production and transport of single use plastic water bottles)

  • Bottle Refill Window Nozzle - “No touch” nozzle recess limits direct contact (water bottle rim or objects) from coming into contact with the nozzle. Medical grade stainless steel mesh barrier limits foreign objects from entering/exiting nozzle Bottle Refill Window - 316 Stainless Steel material with electro-polishing finish. Bottle shaped window tapers to limits directly touching nozzle with water bottle or foreign objects. Drain cover limits splashing and water build up. Nozzle Button Separation - We’ve created distance from all nozzles to buttons. This is “defined separation” feature to limit hand contact with nozzle and nozzle/mouth areas, reducing cross contamination to the nozzle. No-block drainage system preventing leaves and contaminants from building up. The product is designed for disassembly with a modular construction. Each component can be removed, replaced, repaired and finally recycled at the end of use. Assisting in both longevity in an outdoor setting as well as reducing the end of life footprint. The dog bowl is a world first with a sub-surface self cleaning system. Removing stagnate water and "mozzies" from around the water station. The product has a taste and odour free plumbing system with FDA, NSF and AS4020/Watermarked components and water lines. Supported with innovative hygiene design features.