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Markr Systems

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Markr is a combination of a free smartphone app and a Geo Publishing Engine (GPE) that allows our customers to create and publish information and AR objects to any location in the world and have it presented to their visitors in the language of their own device.

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  • Traditional signage is damaging to the environment, costly, highly vulnerable, rigid and generally in one language. Augmented Reality (AR) is generally limited to game experiences and is contained in locked, singular environments. Working in signage and wayfinding design we recognised that the use of AR would allow more, richer content delivered using the smart device the user was already carrying in their pocket. Geo-located AR could deliver the same content as traditional signage (and more) to the user but tailored to their precise location and, theoretically, in the language of their device. A truly multi-lingual solution with no environmental impact.

  • Understanding that AR based content could be tied to a location meant information could be tailored to a location. But previous AR required the augmenting of existing structures which was a limitation. We created a virtual 'armature' for signage that does not require a physical anchor. The web based publication engine allowing images, text and other artefacts to be uploaded, placed and linked. This then translates the design into an interactive real world space 3d object placed safely in front of the user. Translation occurs automatically.

  • Markr is a multi-lingual solution with no carbon footprint that allows a personalised place activation experience that our customers can control. Markrs are customisable, instantly editable and relocatable and can be timed for evolving experiences at a cost comparable to around 10% of a physical signage solution. Markr is globally scalable and can be used by non-technical creators to create an interactive place-making experience for their visitors on a single public platform meaning their content will be placed alongside other content or objects relevant to that location.

  • Markr's web based GPE is available to customers with an active subscription making it a truly egalitarian solution available to anyone. This differentiates it from most AR based projects which are bespoke for their location and do not allow easy changes to content. Markrs can be edited, relocated and activated or deactivated in real time. Markr is also a genuinely useful application of AR and Geolocation technology. AR experiences are usually novel, fun and game based and, while these things are possible with Markr it is designed as a location based communication medium and is more about delivering real, rich content created by those with knowledge of the location. Markr has many advantages over traditional signage beyond its multi-lingual capability. It requires no production and is therefore impossible to vandalise, is not susceptible to weather, does no damage to the environment and requires no power or services to operate.