M250 Hex drive toolkit

  • 2020

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The M250 Hex Drive Toolkit reimagines the pocket screwdriver, offering unprecedented workflow, versatility and ease of transportation. Utilising an engineered composite body it outperforms traditional steel pocket tools at a fraction of the weight, enabling users to work with confidence they can tackle any task that comes their way.

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  • Our challenge was to create a tool that helped empower people. Often the desire is there but not the tools necessary to get jobs done. Some of the key criteria included the need to be lightweight, compact, strong and to adapt to an individuals needs. Whether at home, at the office or outdoors, the tool had to deliver in a variety of environments and tackle anything thrown at it.

  • The M250 is engineered for comfort, accessibility and versatility. When faced with a task, users demand an efficient solution with minimal frustration – by offering the capabilities of an entire screwdriver kit in the palm of a hand, users can be assured that they have the tools they need to tackle any task. The open-sided design improves this experience, allowing easy identification and quick bit changing during jobs that would normally require a suite of tools. The compact body creates substantial leverage for turning even the most stubborn of screws, and with smooth contours and soft finish is ideal to hold.

  • Since its introduction to the marketplace, sales have exceeded all expectations. The M250 was a follow up to our founding product, the M100 multitool. As such it was critical to build on our previous success as well as reputation. The M250 has demonstrated our ongoing investment in innovation and has enable Tactica to be seen as a genuine competitor in the everyday carry space.

  • The M250 is equipped with a suite of 12 tool bits, and a further two slots for users to add their own. Each can be independently removed, re-arranged or replaced, allowing users to set up their toolkit for any situation. With users expected to put their tools through unforgiving conditions, it was necessary to ensure it could stand up to the task. The M250’s steel-reinforced driver socket can survive upward of 10 Nm of torque, meeting the needs of even the toughest jobs. The M250’s holster, improves the everyday carry and storage of the tool without interrupting workflow. Made of a flexible polymer, the casing readily moves aside as the tool slides in place, creating a satisfying, audible click as the unit is secured in place. While the holster provides a firm grip, the M250 is just as easily ejected by pushing against its exposed corner. Designed for single-handed operation, the process is exemplified when the tool is worn on the user’s belt, creating a smooth, logical operation. Alternatively, the holster can be used as a magnetic mount, readily accepting any ferritic surface – such refrigerators, shelving, work benches and desks – and keeping the tool within easy reach.