M10 Bed

  • 2018

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Commissioned By:

Howard Wright Limited

Designed In:

New Zealand

Howard Wright is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of medical beds and stretchers based in Australasia. The M10 is an innovative medical bed, designed to make care safer and easier. The M10 is representative of the company’s 'simple, smart and human' design values.

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  • Three key avoidable harms occur within the medical bed environment: patient falls; pressure injuries and cross infection. The project mission was to design a new bed which reduced the risk of these avoidable harms. Simply put; we had to design the safest medical bed. Further requirements of the design brief were; regulatory compliance to the medical bed standard IEC60601-2-52:2015, design for ease of maintenance servicing and designed to achieve a competitive target cost of manufacture.

  • There are numerous innovative features of the M10 which reduce the risk of avoidable harm. These include: 1. A safety side design to safely aid patient entry and exit to and from the bed irrespective of the bed deck profile. 2. Pre-set profiling positions to take the guess work out of the bed deck angles and ensure these do not exceed those recommended by Pan Pacific guidelines for the prevention and management of pressure injuries. 3. Visible and easy to clean surfaces including removable deck panels and concealed cabling within the bed frame to ensure simple and quick bed disinfection.

  • The reduction of avoidable harm ensures quicker patient recoveries. This has a positive social impact on patients, their families, healthcare organisations and their clinical staff. Shorter patient stays increase patient treatments for the same funding level and patients that work are able to return to work sooner. Both of these outcomes are positive for the economy and society’s wellbeing. The M10’s ease of servicing and its intuitive design provides healthcare organisations with service and operator training savings respectively. The M10 materials are recyclable to ensure a cradle to grave product life cycle minimising the environmental impact.

  • * Bed low height (340mm) ensures patients of all heights can place their feet on the ground during bed exit or entry. * Under-bed lights on each side of the bed illuminate the patient’s foot placement during bed exit and entry at low lighting levels. * Mounting of the safety sides to the bed frame ensures the gaps on each side of the bed, between the safety sides and the head end panel remain the same irrespective of the bed deck profile. This reduces the risk of patient entrapment. * CPR releases on each side of the bed are mounted at the bed foot end where they are always visible and accessible by the operator. * Curved keypad bed control folio (integrated to each head end safety side) ensures operator line of site to the controls irrespective of the bed height and/or whether the safety sides are raised or lowered and provides a comfortable resting position for the operators finger during bed adjustment. * Patented integrated keypad bed control cartridge design makes servicing (if required) simple and quick. * Mounting of the control box on the bed frame using a rotational cover/bracket arrangement allows easy service access and protection during normal use.