• 2022

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

Commissioned By:

Rennie Davidson

Designed In:

New Zealand

To create a new global uber-premium brand of New Zealand Lamb targeting Michelin star rated restaurants globally. A new breed specifically bred by a collective of farms using a common genetic make up that delivers a chef and consumer increased intramuscular fat, succulence, mouth feel and reduced aroma.

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  • To create a new brand for a new lamb breed that can freely operate across most markets globally. To ensure the brand and narrative can align the producers, farmers, and growers behind its creation and ongoing delivery. To position this branded range of products toward Michelin-star chefs and restaurants.

  • We learnt from chefs they value a deeper understanding for the ‘how and why’ behind any ingredient they use. We chose to amplify the process by introducing characters who's efforts resulted in the product. Luminaries - from the breeder, to shepherds to butchers - chapters to the story we created. We named the proposition ‘Lumina’ to express innovation and leadership, red to convey excellence and introduced a crafted an emblem to express luxury.

  • Category Impact – The project positions this New Zealand lamb well away from traditional New Zealand lamb products. Due to the genetic make up and unique product attributes it was crucial this did not look or sound like any other premium New Zealand lamb. Industry Impact – The project showcases the end-to-end process along with the different experts that contribute to it along the way. Societal Impact – The solution educates both true and consumers that a meat product can be exquisite in taste whilst positive for the planet via regenerative farming practices.

  • The brand purpose, narrative, wayfinding system and exhibit interpretives were all co-developed with the visiting public through a range of co-design activities we led and facilitated. We ensured that the theory we created was validated with the public it was intended for