Lito Series

  • 2021

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Todd Stevenson

Designed In:

New Zealand

The Lito Series was born from designer Todd Stevenson’s desire to start producing lighting that reflected his 25 years of expertise in handcrafting metals. The New Zealand based professional set out to fully harness these materials and produce pieces with a true sense of permanence.

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  • The challenge was to create a pendant lighting series that utilised the offcut components from our Lateral Lighting series. Crafting pieces from waste that present as lightness and balance - out of a weighty and traditionally industrial material presented a unique opportunity to truly harness the natural qualities of the material. In order to obtain a 360-degree output of light, a key aspect of the challenge was investigating how the many internal mechanisms and components could be disguised within the light without compromising on the aesthetic sensibility of each piece.

  • The series embodies symmetrical harmony, with lineal lengths fixed meticulously to a central hexagonal piece, presenting flashes of the brass facade between channels. Simultaneously this central column discretely integrates the mechanisms of the light within. Embracing and enhancing the materiality of brass, the Lito Series presents multifaceted pieces with presence. Hand made in solid brass, the Lito Series epitomises understated complexity, innovatively encasing a defused LED light source within sculptural brass channels. Architectural in silhouette the series melds traditional forms, examining and reimagining line and shape.

  • Instantly elevating it's surrounding environments, the Lito Series is designed for pieces to be hung individually or together en masse creating dynamic clusters to enhance both domestic and commercial spaces. These atmospheric pieces demonstrate impeccable craftsmanship, revealing the natural qualities of the material. Opulent in tactility The Lito Series presents sublime sculptural forms without compromising the intent of its luminous function. The Lito Series endures, their distinguished profile and contour, forever seductive.

  • The Lito Trio piece offers the ability to transition the omitted light from cool to warm hues.