Linea by Jim Hannon-Tan for Made by Pen

  • 2020

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Made by Pen

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Inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s National Congress building, Jim Hannon-Tan’s Linea is all about tabletop architecture. Its form is like a miniature streetscape when the number of different interchangeable components are brought together. Dishes, and cantilever cups stand tall while the tray provides a foundation for the customised configurations and lengths.

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Image: Itsuka Studios
Image: Itsuka Studios
Image: Thomas Macariola
Image: Made by Pen
Image: HenshawFrancis Photography
Image: Made by Pen
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  • Made By Pen became aware of the gap in the market for a solution to house bottles and accessories in wet areas. Previously, architects and interior designers had to rely on custom solutions. From the product, the customer should get a long-lasting, multi-functional, clean, and quality piece to serve at minimum, in wet spaces. Upon further consideration, it became obvious Linea would have uses in other parts of the home. Wherever housing small bits was an issue, this product would be a viable solution. Another requirement in the design process was affordability without sacrificing the elegance of a custom solution.

  • Linea is functional art, serving as a form of tabletop architecture. Inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s National Congress, Linea by Jim Hannon-Tan is an elegant answer to organisation and a welcome addition to any room. Costs are kept low because Linea takes advantage of pre-existing extrusions, removing the need for tooling. The aluminum tray is power-coated in varying colours and can be cut to specific lengths. The cups and dishes are interchangeable and form a customised miniature streetscape when brought together. Refined, well resolved for the user Linea has presence whether in its bare form or when adorned with bits.

  • Linea's design naturally integrates into the space for which it is intended. It contributes to the feel of a space, never detracting. While many see this type of product as typically unremarkable, Jim Hannon-Tan’s reimagining of design built it into a piece of functional art. It is able to easily accommodate anything from soaps and sponges to tech devices and pens, therefore integrating into modern living. Linea’s appeal and utility are magnified by its versatility in product design which makes it more desired homeowners and interior decorators. For specifiers, it is also available as a custom option.

  • Materiality The modernist form of Linea was developed with two distinct material palettes. The first palette is influenced by the high-end glamour of Art Deco style. This mixes components of copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and Carrera marble. The second is a modern mix of anodised aluminium and silicone available in black, white, shark-fin grey, harbour-mist grey, teal, cherry red and coral. Custom designed configurations saw the addition of cherry red with a gold tray for a Beijing design show, and coral was introduced to reflect the 2019 Pantone colour trend. Versatility in Spaces One should not overlook the versatility and value of Linea. The silicone retail set sells for under $100 (inc gst) but can be used for years. It is user friendly with little to no instruction required for immediate usage. Linea is compact with a small footprint in a space which makes it easy to place on a desk, on the back of a sink, on a side table, and more. More than anything, this product integrates naturally into the space for which its design.