LAVO™ Green Energy Hydrogen Battery


The LAVO™ Green Energy Storage System acts as a solar sponge, integrating with rooftop solar to capture and store renewable green energy for use when it is needed. It is the world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines with rooftop solar to deliver a sustainable, reliable, and renewable green energy source for residential and commercial properties.

The system utilises patented LAVO™ Hydride to store hydrogen in metal alloy to enable the world’s first, safe, long-term capture, hydrogen battery within a secure vessel. The system works by using electrolysis to split water into Oxygen and Hydrogen. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere, Hydrogen is sent for storage in patented LAVO™ Hydride, before converting back to electricity through the fuel cell.

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  • LAVO™ technology is the result of over 10-years of research and development into hydrogen storage solutions led by scientists at the University of New South Wales Engineering (UNSW, Sydney). The challenge was to transform the scientific discovery into a commercially viable product, the world's first Green Hydrogen Energy Storage System, providing residential and commercial customers with a clean, safe, and reliable form of energy independence. All aspects of the Storage System needed to be examined in respect to the end product environments (residential + commercial), safety, product usability, appearance, internal system configurations, operation, ergonomics, ease of assembly, and resultant cost of manufacture to support high volume production, longevity, and serviceability. The development required coordinating a diverse group of Australian companies to bring this revolutionary technology from the lab through to commercialisation. All partners needed to work in tandem, applying their respective expertise to develop a high-quality solution that would provide superior performance and be aesthetically pleasing to all major global markets. The product design language developed for LAVO™ needed to be representative of the innovative world-first technology hidden inside the system.

  • LAVO™ enables the long-term storage of renewable energy for customers. Integrating with rooftop solar, the system generates green hydrogen to be stored safely for future use. The hydrogen battery system works by drawing electricity from a rooftop solar array, using an electrolyser to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, storing the hydrogen in the LAVO™ Hydride vessels and dispatching this as electricity via a fuel cell when appropriate. LAVO™ Hydride Storage Vessels provide a 30-year product lifetime (20,000 cycles of storage and charge), approximately two times longer than that of any comparable market alternative. The Vessels are non-toxic, non-flammable, and can easily be 100% recycled, making them significantly more sustainable than existing pure Li-ion solutions. Designed for the Australian environment: Water and dust protection. Sophisticated ventilation system to maintain optimal performance. The LAVO™ green energy storage system is a testament to the science, engineering and design excellence behind this revolutionary technology - all elements combine to create a unique, bold and striking identity for the world-first innovation.

  • LAVO™ represents the capability of Australian research institutions, investors, innovators, scientists, designers, engineers, and manufacturing partners to develop a world-class green energy solution to help tackle our global energy problems. LAVO™ provides energy security and protection in case of outages. The system allows households and businesses to live green, off the grid, replace diesel generators and avoid power bills entirely. The solution is perfectly suited to complement and even replace diesel generation on edge of grid or in remote communities. LAVO™ has secured significant advancements both locally and internationally: + Partnership with the Springfield City Group: Assisting Springfield to be fossil fuel free by 2038. + Acquisition of a site in Springfield to build one of the city's first advanced manufacturing facilities for the commercial-scale production of LAVO™ fuel cells. + Commercial relationship with Spicers Scenic Rim Trail, to install units in eco-lodges and off-grid campsites, replacing diesel + LPG power generators. + Expanded operations into Germany, supporting the counties aim to become a hydrogen energy-driven world leader. An initiative backed by a 9 billion Euro investment in the industry by the German government. + LAVO has taken 5,000 pre-orders with domestic and international customers as of May 2021.

  • + Fuel Cell: Used to convert energy stored in the hydrogen back into electrical energy. Energy is released by combining hydrogen from the Hydride Storage Vessels and oxygen from the air to form water. + DC-DC Converter: Power conversion system used to regulate the electrical output from the hydrogen battery fuel cell. The DC-DC converter regulates electrical output by boosting the voltage from the fuel cell output to match the voltage expected at the input of the hybrid inverter. + Battery: System includes a small Lithium-ion battery for fast response time. The hybrid energy storage system provides benefits of both Li-ion and hydrogen storage technologies. + Hybrid Inverter: Manages the flow of electrical energy between the solar cell array, LAVO™, and the household. + Electrolyser: Converts excess electrical energy from the solar system through electrolysis, where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. Energy is stored as hydrogen and oxygen is released into the atmosphere. + Water Purifier: The electrolyser requires demineralised water for the electrolysis process. The integrated water purifier treats the incoming tap water, enabling the electrolyser to run using a standard mains water supply. Additional alternative external filtration systems can be fitted for locations where rainwater/bore water may only be available. LAVO™ Hydride Storage Vessels: Developed by scientists at UNSW, LAVO™ Hydride utilises a patented metal alloy that safely stores and regulates hydrogen at a pressure of 30 barg. Hydride is energy efficient, carbon neutral, safe, non-flammable and delivers a battery that lasts longer than competitive lithium battery technology. Connections: + Water Supply: Potable Mains Water / LAVO™ water purification unit + Communications: Local WiFi / Ethernet / 4G / 5G