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Landchecker has recently launched a free user friendly mapping interface which enables users to access property planning and due diligence information.

The platform allows users to access information on property zones, overlays, permit activity, cultural heritage sensitivity, bush fire prone areas and more.

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  • Landchecker is a user-friendly mapping application which enables people to access planning property information using a vector mapping interface. Landchecker's advantage to both consumer and industry sectors is a fast, efficient and reliable way of accessing up to date planning and property information. Landchecker has a broad ranging appeal to both the consumer and industry sectors and promotes strong due diligence habits for potential home buyers as well as selling agents. The visual premise of Landchecker makes it easily understood as everyone can relate to maps and graphics in contrast to reports and spreadsheets.

  • Planning zones - What is my house or commercial property zoned in the context of neighbouring properties? And what are the development opportunities and constraints? Are there likely to be high density developments in my immediate vicinity? Planning overlays - Does my house have additional constraints such as a heritage or flooding which may impact my future plans? Areas of Aboriginal Cultural Significance - Am I going to be required to engage an Aborginal cultural consultant to hand pan any excavation works at my property? Contour information - Using government data landchecker shows 1m contours which can help determine constraints and opportunities of a property. School locations - closest private

  • The key to landchecker is that it limits the information to the things that people need to know when purchasing a property. There are many other websites which provide demographic and locational analytics, however these are often presented in a manner that is confusing and unhelpful. They are also unlikely to have a significant impact on values if they are either not disclosed or disregarded. In contrast to the cumbersome nature of some of these other applications, Landchecker provides a clear, concise graphical presentation which shows the underlying planning constraints that impact properties in Victoria.

  • On the main map view, users can either work their way across Victoria with the map controls or directly search for a property address. Upon selecting an individual property, a summary appears outlining relevant constraints and opportunities in a concise format. Furthermore, users can click to view a more detailed property report - at no charge - which outlines cadastral details, municipal and council information (along with contacts for the statutory planning units in each municipality). These reports can be white labelled as means of generating business. They also have live links to the relevant schedules in the planning scheme applicable to the property.

    Landchecker at this point is a free service. Property professionals can use this product to assist in their daily duties, on the other hand consumers can use both the interactive map and property reports to conduct their own due diligence and make sure they have a greater understand of and are more comfortable with any purchase they are looking to make. The clean design, particularly in comparison with other current offerings will in no doubt increase the brand value of Landchecker. As Landchecker powers on into the future, adds more States and territories, more advanced features to enhance user experience we are confident in a return on the investment we have made on design.