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Brickworks Building Products

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Brickworks collaborated with Adam Goodrum to create Kite Breeze, a contemporary reimagining of the celebrated modernist-era breeze block for today’s urban landscapes. Based on geometric art, the Australian designed collection has a strong focus on transforming space through dappled light.

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  • The Kite was created in response to the desire for an adaptation of the traditional Breeze Block. The product had to have the classic elements of the original design: air ventilation, privacy, shade and light play. The challenge for the brief was to create a mould that would form a Breeze Block with an inset, not a full punch-through without breaking or cracking the brick. This took over two years to finesse to the mould to ensure that the Kite was both sculpturally aesthetic and structurally sound.

  • Normally a Breeze Block has one extruded shape in a block resulting in one pattern. Goodrum's design has the ability for a user to create endless patterns from the one building block and has a second layer or relief that works as backdrop to capture shadow and light throughout the day. This perhaps represents an evolution in its use as it amplifies the importance of the Breeze Block as a functional architectural element.

  • The impact of Breeze Blocks is their ability to create ambience within architectural environments. By day they diffuse light through their voids and cast geometric shadows and by night become fragmented lanterns.They become a constantly changing sculpture through their interplay with light, shadow and surface. Kite is a deliberate attempt to capture this expression while facilitating light and natural ventilation. Goodrum has tried to capture the functional aspects of the Breeze Block. It's a naturally ventilating building brick that allows security and privacy. It is decorative and sculptural while still being functional.

  • A world first feature of the Kite is the inset, that is not seen in traditional breeze blocks. Due to this unique design, the Kite invokes light and shadow play in a unique and remarkable way. Due to the shape and triangular cut-out of the Kite, there are 64 different configuration options that create geometric features and patterns within the structure. The Kite can define any modern architectural project, by providing numerous possibilities of pattern through its ability to be flipped and rotated to create ordered repetition or random juxtaposition through the use of just one brick.