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The K-Tracker is an innovative, lightweight system of GPS tracking tags and base stations for monitoring and tracking wild Koala populations. The tracker provides near live location reporting as well as motion analysis and free fall detection. Designed specifically for Koalas, the K-tracker is helping reduce declining populations in Queensland.

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  • Koalas are declining in many areas and localised extinction is common. Biotelemetry is a valuable tool to help reverse declines. Commercially available mammal tracking collars can be unsuitable for koalas and increase risk of harm or even death. The design brief was to create a safe koala telemetry system allowing the remote monitoring of large numbers of koalas, with real-time alerts for users to notify of illness, death and koala location in dangerous locations. Easy user configurability of key functions remotely was necessary. Relevant data needed to be accessed from the cloud with a user-friendly web-based interface/smart device app.

  • The K-Tracker system is now the most valuable technology EVE has for intensive management of declining koala populations. The functionality, safety, scalability and user-friendliness are literally unprecedented in wildlife telemetry. The tags have been deployed on more than 150 koalas, and have significantly improved safety, management response to incidents and illness, and are a key component of population recovery management. Bluetooth functions have now exceeded the initial design brief by providing a range of unexpected benefits in terms of managing risk and monitoring chlamydial disease epidemiology.

  • The K-Tracker (first generation system) was the critical innovation that enabled recovery of a rapidly declining koala population in SE Qld. The second-gen system provides a new level of safety, user-configurable settings, and functionality. This is the essential tool necessary to recover at-risk and declining koala populations by allowing intensive monitoring of large numbers of koalas, determination of critical threats, and delivery and evaluation of conservation management interventions. Unlike other devices, these can be deployed safely for whole-of-life koala monitoring without needing battery changes or refurbishment. The K-Tracker system fills a critical technological gap in efforts to conserve koalas

  • GPS location reporting, activity and other key data streams delivered to the cloud via long-range, low-cost LoRa system combined with base station (3G/4G). Near-real-time remote monitoring of individuals via desk-top (cloud-based) with user-friendly interface/app available on smart devices. Over-the-air (remote) configurability of key tag functions reducing the contact time needed with animals. Long battery life and the latest in ultra low power IoT Technologies. The trackers are powered by LX IoT cores allowing for efficient power use and resulting in long battery life. Mortality and low-activity (injury or illness) alerts through motion profile monitoring. Koala interaction detection (male-male fighting; male-female mating), facilitating chlamydial disease epidemiology. Mother / Joey separation alerts. Danger area alerts - via geofencing and 'sentinel' beacons to protect tracked animals from getting too close to roadways and other hazards. Alerts allow for proactive movement of animals to a safer area. 'Info-beacon' functions allow koala interaction with key mitigation features (such as fauna road crossing infrastructure) to be logged and monitored over time to assess effectiveness of conservation measures.