JURA GIGA 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

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Leading the way and redefining the concept of automatic coffee machines, the GIGA 6 is a top-of-the-line professional coffee machine for household use. Featuring 28 different specialties and the ability to prepare two perfect barista quality specialty coffees simultaneously at the touch of a button – always freshly ground, not capsuled.

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  • The design brief was to create a luxury model for household consumers serious about achieving barista quality coffee in the home. With two electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders, the GIGA 6 allows users with different preferences (i.e. decaf) to use two different bean varieties, either individually or mixed together. The grinders also feature Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.) which ensure consistently precise grinding results over the grinder’s entire service life. Artificial intelligence simplifies seemingly complicated programming. A self-learning algorithm identifies each user’s personal preferences and adapts the start screen accordingly, showing two, five or eight of the user’s favourite coffees.

  • This luxury model combines the latest technologies from the Swiss innovator and knowledge gained from producing over 5 million machines. The GIGA 6 was already awarded an IF Design Award 2020 for its intuitive operation and harmonious all-round design. Automatic technologies such as A.G.A. not only make operation extremely easy, but also extend the service life. The designers thoughtfully incorporated innovations to further enhance the user experience. With solutions such as intelligent preheating so that even after long pauses, the very first coffee is piping hot. Or coffee preparation via voice command (Siri shortcuts) from their smartphone or Apple Watch.

  • Commercially the GIGA 6 is JURA’s most premium household model, with expectations to increase market share in the premium space and encourage JURA loyalists to upgrade to the best the brand has to offer. Environmentally, all JURA machines uses coffee beans, not pods, with the ability of ground coffee waste to be recycled. Furthermore, energy save modes and switch on/off after times allow the machine to reduce power consumption when not in use. Socially, a coffee machine becomes the most used appliance in the kitchen and therefore contributes to overall moral and provides the owner with a sense of gratification.

  • • Double power/action – Equipped with two pumps and two thermoblocks, for preparation of two coffees simultaneously • 28 different specialties – Including latte, flat white or the Spanish ‘cortado’ • Serviceability: The machine’s inner workings have been completely overhauled to all elements can be easily accessed by service technicians • New Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.) – Two ceramic disc grinders which electronically adjust to the optimum fineness over the entire service life • Fluid system: this function adds hot water to perfectly extracted coffee. The result is a perfectly prepared long black coffee with no unpleasant bitter aftertaste • Intuitive operation – a large, 4.3" high-resolution touchscreen colour display with sophisticated graphics • Artificial intelligence – A self-learning algorithm identifies each user’s personal preferences and adapts the start screen accordingly. • Intelligent preheating – even after long pauses between preparing drinks, coffee is piping hot • Siri obeys your every command – coffee can be made via voice command from your iPhone or Apple Watch thanks to J.O.E.® • 5-star handling – The new dishwasher-safe drip tray can easily managed with just one hand, thanks to its central balance and ergonomical design • Top quality materials – Solid front section made of 3 mm-thick aluminium and a substantial aroma preservation cover made of chrome-plated, die-cast zinc.