• 2018

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Commissioned By:

Sedia Systems Ziba Design

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United States of America

Introduced to Australia in 2017, the JumpSeat is an innovation from the USA which has been very quickly recognised internationally for its unique function and form. The series features four adaptions of the JumpSeat, each of which provides a solution to the need for seating where space is limited.

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  • The challenge which resulted in the production of the JumpSeat arose after an environmentally conscious industrial design group, Ziba Design, built a theatre in their Portland offices with minimalistic, concrete riser seating. Later realising that this was an uncomfortable and impractical concept, Ziba approached Sedia Systems with a challenge to collaborate on the design and build a seat which could be easily incorporated into the existing space. The chair was to be made of efficient materials, and to be comfortable and compact with options of a fixed or moveable base. As a result of this brief, the JumpSeat was born.

  • Designed to require less than 100mm in depth, the JumpSeat is minimal when in use, and when static. It was therefore easily able to be fixed or free standing on the concrete risers which had never been designed to accommodate alternate seating. The use of two pieces of plywood and spring steel to create the fold down and automatic flip up movement addressed both the environmental and spatial needs and created an artistic design by way of the unique wooden slats. Another benefit of the product is that it does not inhibit wheelchair accessibility, rather increasing opportunities for wheelchair access.

  • The JumpSeat provides an otherwise non-existent solution for when space is limited and seating is needed. The ability for this seat to sit neatly on or against any surface with the innovation of the trapezoidal wooden slats and mounting options, provides a retro-fit solution for any space including corridors, furnished or unfurnished lecture halls, conference rooms and health facilities. This saves an organisation time and effort in sourcing a new space to create room for extra seating. Additionally, with the use of plywood as opposed to harmful plastics, the JumpSeat is an environmentally friendly product with recyclable properties.

  • The JumpSeat Emerge is a newer adaption to the JumpSeat range. It is a solution for multi-purpose spaces which on occasion, require flexible seating. With a touch of a button, the JumpSeats emerge within a raised floor, providing instantaneous seating with essentially no effort. Once the session is over, then transform the space back into a furniture free event space within a matter of seconds! The JumpSeat has also been recognised for its capacity to facilitate wheelchair accessibility. With the JumpSeat sitting flush to the wall, wheelchairs are able to sit in front of the seat without difficulty or disruption to the user. Used in conjunction with the Flip ‘n’ Fold Framery booth, the JumpSeat has allowed a soundproof booth to now be genuinely wheelchair accessible. Anti-microbial wood product protection ensures this product is protected from damaging microbes including harmful bacteria, mould and mildew, and complies with health facility requirements. The JumpSeat90 is a comfortable, yet practical angle with the seat positioned slightly in front of the wall. Alternatively, the JumpSeat wall sits flush with the wall when space is extremely limited. Due to this slim and compact design, the JumpSeat meets ‘Evacuation standards’ when placed in corridors and hallways.