JFAS (Joint Function Assessment System)

  • 2016

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    Medical and Scientific

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Joint Dynamics Pty Ltd

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Traditionally relying on subjective methods, joint function assessment has long been fraught with complications and easily manipulated by patients, leading to inaccurate results. Until now.

With the JFAS, practitioners can recognise when a patient is not putting in ‘maximal’ force. Thanks to Joint Dynamics, the subjective is now objective.

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  • The core technology of the machine enables, for the first time in the world, the ability to measure if a person is applying their maximal effort. Put another way, we know when a patient is giving 100% when measuring their strength. The machine automatically identifies not only if they apply their maximal effort, it is also able to identify in a percentage form how much they were applying. It has the ability to do so without any calibration or prior use. So with only a single movement, the machine can identify the applied effort.

  • Patient anthropometry is stored remotely within the device and used as a base line for calibrating the machine to ensure accurate and reliable results with each session. The JFAS incorporates adjustable support devices with positioning calibration to ensure patient posture and position is maintained for every test appointment. These include seat, underarm support, shoulder support, elbow positioning device and wrist clamping mechanism. The finely tuned but robust arm mechanism allows for adjustments to all sizes of patients with calibration and measurement points to ensure repeatability of tests. In addition to this, two sensors within the arm detect correct usage, all with a view to ensure repeatability.

  • The JFAS device, which features twin 32 inch touch interfaces for patient data and records, was designed with both patient and practitioner at font of mind. By utilising the machines symmetry and duel screens, practitioners can easily and accurately assess patients joints on both the left and right side of their body without the need for any changes to device set up. Utilising an LED strip around the cabinets face to provide feedback through lighting and colour cues, the device allows seamless user interaction for patients undertaking joint assessment.

  • Designed from the ground up with forward compatibility in mind, JFAS's initial Elbow joint function assessment tool is the first of many quantitative measurement tools in a range that will measure the performance of all joints in the human body - including neck, back, shoulder, elbow, knee and foot. These tools are set to become the industry standard for the assessment of objective joint function, allowing both patients and practitioners an unparalleled insight into joint assessment.

    While most large medical devices require extensive and often problematic instillation, the JFAS has been designed for quick and easy assembly and disassembly for transport and instillation, with all components being able to fit through a standard door. Furthermore, thanks to the base's innovative irregular hexagonal shape, the JFAS has been engineered in such as way that the machine keeps its overall rigidity without having to be bolted to the ground. This feature is invaluable for commercial properties looking to avoid permanent fixings, while safe in the knowledge the chassis allows for people up to 170 kgs to be tested whilst being able to maintain its rigidity on the devices cantilevered chair.