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Twelve Degrees

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Jarra is a contemporary, self-cooling ceramic carafe. Inspired by the old clay vessels that were used before refrigerators existed, this product was designed in Jordan to keep water cool without needing electricity.

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  • The challenge was to create a modern design based on the collection from the Jordan Museum. Some items exhibited in the museum are dated back to the pre-historic times.

  • The water seeps through the walls and evaporates, leaving what's inside cool and refreshing on a warm summer day. Now, for food safety, ceramics need to be glazed. Glazing however, compromises the natural cooling effect of ceramics. We have reinterpreted the jarra in a contemporary design that still cools all while meeting safety standards. We use special glazing techniques that allow you to enjoy the refreshing taste of clay cooled water.

  • Jarra is handmade by artisans in Amman - supporting their livelihoods. Jarra does not only have a social impact, but also an environmental impact. Clay is a natural material which can be found in abundance and is a sustainable material. We also chose aluminium for the cap, because it can be recycled easily.

  • Jarra is designed ergonomically with weight distribution in mind - making it easier to pour and hold. By keeping the Jarra under running water for 60 seconds, it keeps its content cooled for hours. We use special glazing techniques to make sure it is food safe and hygienic.