iUFlow™ – easy to use, IoT, Bladder Monitoring Connected Health Solution

  • 2020

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    Medical and Scientific

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Kesem Health

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iUFlow™ is an easy to use, IoT, Bladder Monitoring Health Solution. iUFlow is patented and approved (FDA, TGA, CE Mark), wireless measurement platform. iUFlow™ is disposable, allows for mess-free, accurate: urinary frequency, volume and flowrate data collection at the patient home. iUFlow™ platform provides accurate data and reporting to clinicians

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  • Measuring urinary frequency, volume and flow rate are essential in the diagnosis and management of urological diseases. Current devices (in clinic) are expensive and space bound. The iUFlow brief was to design and develop a home based, flow through (not accumulating) urinary measurement system (supporting of flow rates from 5-50mlps) , which can be used by ALL toilet trained patients (4-104yo), fit to any variety of toilet (US toilets are limited to 127mm between rim and water level), 'mess-free' (no splash) and be cost effective to be used as a single user multiple (up to 60 urination session) uses.

  • To measure (without accumulating) urinary volume and flowrate an 'out-of-the-box' approach was required. The team used a large river system 'weir' concept and miniaturised it which resulted in a novel &innovative approach for urinary measurement. The design is using a 'ruler' sensor which measures the changing height of urine within the 'sensor-container' to calculate flow-rate. The 'bowl' design is such to cover the toilet bowl as much as practical & yet to fit in all toilets, be cost effective & disposable friendly. An 'anti-splash' mat designed to reduce splashing, urinary mat attached to its edges to improve smell, hygiene & visual.

  • A fully automated home bladder monitoring solution now enabled health providers with: increasing compliance, better accuracy & objective data. It will reduce urology office visits and reduce clinic visits time hence reduce cost the health system. The iUFlow to urology is what home glucose is to diabetic patients, who needed to go to the pathology lab to get their sugar level measured. With recent challenges (COVID-19) facing health provider, iUFlow is positioned to have a major impact in assisting the transition to telehealth.

  • • Environmentally focused packaging • Hands free (for ease of use when getting up at night) • fully independent unit (elderly, BLE sync)