Instant Claims

  • 2019

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Huddle Insurance

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Things go wrong in an instant, so why shouldn’t claims be paid just as fast? That was the question that led the team at Huddle to develop Instant Claims™. An Australian industry-first, Huddle’s Instant Claims™ allows customers to get car, home and travel claims approved instantly online.

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  • Speaking with customers, it’s clear that the claims process is the most significant pain point when dealing with insurance. Traditional insurance companies make the process hard to understand and involve lots of forms and paperwork. And unfortunately, this leads to long waits and errors. The brief for the team was to design a digital experience that could guide members through the process of providing claims information and use artifical intelligence to mimic the decision-making capabilities of a human. Success would be measured on user adoption of this new technology and the ability for the AI tech to make accurate decisions.

  • By combining data insights, a deep understanding of user behaviour and clever AI technology, the team were able to release the first version of this app that exceeded all expectations in terms of uptake by users and the decisioning capability of the AI bot. During the process, the team uncovered and overcame unexpected challenges such as "how do we train an AI claims officer?" and "how might we use data to reduce the workload for members?". Huddle launched the Instant Claims™ mobile app beginning of 2019.

  • After just a few weeks, online claims lodgment were up to 66% and the AI bot was making decisions in under 12 seconds. The impact for members has been incredible, with stranded travellers about to get cash in seconds. Families getting their car repairs authorised instantly and home contents customers getting instant vouchers that enable to them collect a replacement laptop immediately. The greatest impact has been the win/win for the business and Huddle community. Instant Claims is helping to reduce processing costs and fraud, which in turn enables lower premiums

  • A key feature that underpins the Instant Claims experience is the Honesty Pledge in which users video themselves committing to provide only honest information during the claim. In addition to the unique data that this provides the AI bot, this has also proven to be a helpful behavioural nudge.