Innovating Better Digital Health Experiences for all Australians

  • 2022

  • Design Strategy

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The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) faced a wicked problem: delivering high-value digital experiences that meet the needs of Australian health practitioners and the Australian public. Together, designing a CX Toolkit to be used by the Agency in the strategic design of sustainable, future-focused digital health experiences for all Australians.

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  • The ADHA operates in a complex ecosystem of government, regulators, clinicians, healthcare providers, health funds, technology suppliers and customers, amongst others. All customers of ADHA - people and organisations that may directly benefit or be impacted by ADHA's activities, and have competing needs and definitions of value. Faced with this complexity, the ADHA needed a unified Customer Strategy to: - Create a shift in mindset to create a sustained focus on customer experience throughout the whole organisation. - Lead the design of products and services that deliver value to all players in the ecosystem, and - Drive collaboration and alignment across all ADHA teams.

  • We developed a CX Toolkit that equipped the ADHA to apply a customer-centric lens to all their current and future initiatives. The CX Toolkit is an enduring asset that provides a framework for empathy-building, idea generation, idea qualification, and experience design. The seven artefacts in the CX Toolkit were based on attitudinal and behavioural insights uncovered through deep, empathetic research with consumers of healthcare services, and healthcare professionals. They were also tested and iterated with multiple ADHA teams to ensure they would meet each team’s unique needs across different contexts, priorities and ways of working.

  • The CX Toolkit laid the foundation for The ADHA to become more customer-centric and enabled it to scale a team of 2 service designers to 20 with structure and speed. In 2020, the new CX and Service Design capability equipped and enabled The ADHA’s COVID Response supporting the Department of Health (DOH) national vaccine rollout. The CX Toolkit has changed the way ADHA thinks and works. It exists at the heart of The ADHA Design System and has equipped the Agency to transition effectively from technology, compliance and regulatory-focussed to customer-focussed and build CX maturity.

  • Three of the artefacts included in the CX Toolkit are: - Customer Experience Principles: guiding current and future service and product design through principles articulated from the perspective of the organisation, healthcare providers and different customer segments. - Consumer & Healthcare Provider Task Model: ensuring customers, clinicians and healthcare providers achieve their goals when accessing healthcare services through a comprehensive overview of their Jobs to Be Done. - Customer Ecosystem Map: informing holistic conversations around who the services seek to serve, who they impact, and the benefits for all involved through visualising all players in the ADHA ecosystem.