Innate Lounge Chair

  • 2019

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Fiona Spence

Designed In:


The Innate lounge chair has an inherent design language – spare, lean and elegant – embracing a sense of refinement through the use of materials with a unique Australian sensibility.

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  • To capture the intangible element that is the Australian aesthetic without pandering to the jingoistic and obvious. And doing that in materials that are intrinsically part of our life's experience.

  • We decided to work with materials that were part of our 'story' as a continent. Laser cut steel, laminated and moulded saddle leathers and pickled Tasmanian Blackwood. The lounge chair has a pure Australian sensuality and an honest, intrinsic nature which is dark and understated harnessing simple materials to recreate the innate.

  • The mood is enhanced by Jon and Fiona’s common and intuitive desire to allow the materials to remain in their natural and simplest states, constructed and formed with an honest and inventive design aesthetic.

  • Water formed, moulded leather is a proprietary process developed by Jon and used to great effect in the Innate Lounge Chair. It allows the seat to flex hence its comfort when sitting. It also adds a very desirable sculptural element to the design.