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Icepo is an ice cream scoop that takes the guess work out of ice cream serving sizes. The Australian designed scoop serves a perfect ½ cup portion and creates instant ice cream sandwiches, turning your favourite ice cream and cookie combination into an easy, no-prep treat.

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  • The designers sought to improve upon the deficiencies of existing ice cream scoops, while creating new functionality and opportunities. Regular ice cream scoops struggle with hard ice cream, do not cleanly release the scoop and no tool existed for creating the circular puck of ice cream needed for an ice cream sandwich, nor one that easily and consistently measured the standard ½ cup serve. The designers set out to create an ice cream scoop that would create a portion-controlled scoop of ice cream, and easily release into a bowl or onto a cookie for an instant ice cream sandwich.

  • Icepo's stainless steel cutting edge was designed to easily glide into any ice cream, from rock hard to soft, chunky to vegan. Intersecting, high-tensile wires were used to cleanly cut the portion as the Icepo is twisted to lift out a perfect ½ cup portion of ice cream every time. The ejector button was designed for the user to intuitively push it in and twist, cleanly removing the puck of ice cream and serving it onto a cookie or into a bowl, scraping itself clean in the process - ready to be used again or put in the dishwasher.

  • Ice cream is a 'treat' food and often high in sugar, cholesterol, fat, and calories. How much you're consuming can be difficult to measure, as the portion size is based on volume, not weight and no two scoops are ever the same. Icepo takes out the guess work by consistently providing a ½ cup serve of ice cream, making it easy to keep track of nutritional intake and teaching children to recognise serving sizes. Icepo also creates an instant ice cream sandwich without having to soften the ice cream, sculpt it into a mould and refreeze ahead of time.

  • While the designers' primary intention was to create a product that aided portion control for better health outcomes, they recognised that there is an aspect of fun and frivolity associated with ice cream and it is enjoyed by the whole family, not just those watching what they eat. To strengthen the commercial appeal of the product and enhance its secondary function, the 3" diameter of Icepo's cutting edge was specifically chosen to match the standard cookie cutter diameter, making Icepo the perfect ice cream sandwich tool for store-bought or homemade cookies. Other ice cream sandwich tools require you to soften ice cream and reform it into the desired shape in a mould, then reset in the freezer before you can assemble your sandwich, requiring preparation hours before you eat. Icepo creates instant ice cream sandwiches. Icepo's cutting wires intersect at right angles, which has the added benefit of cutting the puck into 4 equal pieces should you wish to divide a standard serve into smaller portions. This is especially useful when enjoying premium ice creams that have a higher calorie content or ensuring children don't argue over the size of their dessert being smaller than that of their sibling.