Iceberg Lighting

  • 2017

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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Bou Art&Design

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Its production adventure takes the start with melting the crystal glass in custom made molds and continues with the stratification of the glass in the molds upon waiting for 27 days.The glass is removed from the molds and steamed by a special process.Then,the steamed glass is agglutinated with the bronze body.

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  • Iceberg is named after its form and its design manifest is based on the combination of lighting and artistic point of view.Iceberg expresses the flexible, fluid, moldable and reincarnated structure of glass. Light always warms up the places. By using glass and named it iceberg ,this is a protest of traditional opinions

  • All the story based on a trial idea ,which seemed to be very fragile at first. In the beginning, glass sticks were broken. To make them strong,we used high qualified glass and made them refrigerated very slowly.

  • The project started in January 2015 and finished February 2015 in Istanbul.

  • Glass is the best material to show the light for years but ,we mentioned another technique for this product which is very difficult to copy or produce the same.Melted glass with a mat finishing is combining by bronze holdings,Iceberg scones is unique,all hand made by many artists. Width:21 x Heigh 43 cm

    As an architect I always find a gap in lightning designs ,very modern or very classic,very cyristal or any other design style. I am always working on timeless designs like a basic black tshirt.small details that a qualified eye can see, masive stance that shows itself and traditional technique which cannot be copied.