Hyundai NEXO

  • 2021

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

Hyundai Motor Company

Designed In:

Korea, Republic of

Hyundai NEXO is the first hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) to be offered in Australia.

The long-range, zero emission NEXO SUV delivers a smooth, quiet, responsive and user-friendly driving experience while emitting only water and purified air.

The futuristic NEXO is packed with advanced safety, comfort and convenience technologies.

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Image: Tomo Hausler
Image: Tomo Hausler
Image: Tomo Hausler
Image: Tomo Hausler
Image: Mark Bramley
Image: Tomo Hausler
Image: Mark Bramley
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  • The design brief for the Hyundai NEXO called for a new vehicle developed from a blank sheet around a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric powertrain. NEXO had to be packaged as an approachable SUV, and deliver a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience similar to that of a conventional vehicle, with the FCEV system working seamlessly within. The styling had to signpost NEXO's status as a high-tech green vehicle as well as incorporating aerodynamic features that complement the efficiency of the powertrain. NEXO also had to advance the user experience through advanced driver assistance and active safety, convenience and comfort technologies.

  • The Hyundai NEXO was designed around Hyundai's next-generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell powertrain, which achieves 50% higher power density and greater efficiency than the system in Hyundai's ix35 FCEV (the world's first mass-produced FCEV). NEXO optimally packages the fuel cell, motor and high-voltage battery in the creation of an SUV offering exceptional space and ergonomics, functionality and driving dynamics. NEXO's exterior arrowed the brief, achieving a 0.32 drag co-efficient through body undercovers, hidden wipers and door handles, and aero wheels while deftly incorporating futuristic front LED strip lighting. NEXO advances UX with an extensive Hyundai SmartSense safety and driver assistance suite.

  • Social: As the first FCEV in Australia, NEXO illustrates Hyundai's leadership in fuel-cell vehicle technology as an eco-mobility cornerstone - alongside its hybrid and EV models - and the brand's unwavering focus on creating a sustainable future for all Australians. Commercial: NEXO is the first FCEV to achieve ADR approval for use on Australian roads, and is the commercial realisation of the brand's long-term commitment to developing a hydrogen economy in Australia. Environmental: The zero-emission NEXO's environmental impact is minimised through advanced FCEV technology that emits only water, and purified air while driving, as well as the extensive use of green materials.

  • The Hyundai NEXO FCEV medium SUV is available as a single highly equipped variant. A leading-edge efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Powertrain makes NEXO the ultimate green vehicle, with an industry-leading 666km range (WLTP), the capability for rapid hydrogen refuelling in 3-5 minutes, and spirited performance, all while emitting only water and purified air. NEXO advances the user experience through its suite of SmartSense driver assistance and advanced active safety technologies. The Hyundai NEXO was awarded the maximum five-star ANCAP Australian safety rating (the first and to date only FCEV to have achieved this). NEXO features an advanced user interface that incorporates: - A crisp and clear 12.3-inch multimedia display unit that also provides a window to the workings of the FCEV system - A 7.0-inch LCD instrument cluster incorporating a Blind-spot View Monitor - An ergonomic bridge-type console with shift-by-wire gear selection buttons - And paddles for the intuitive adjustment of the regenerative braking level Green materials are utilised in the manufacture of NEXO in line with its positioning as an advanced eco-friendly vehicle. These include Bio PET yarn made from a blend of sugar cane and polyester, and Bio paint manufactured using a mixture of rape seed and corn mixed with polyol.