• 2021

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Guillaume Credoz

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Experimentation in digital fabrication led to a new way to make; rather than simply design objects. Hyperstat is a code that populates complex joinery from a basic line drawing and allows any user to participate.

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  • A triangulated space frame has the particularity that the only forces at play are either in compression or in tension, making it a very simple and efficient structure in terms of engineering and use of material. However, it has very complex joints with some going up to 12 connections interlocking at various angles, which makes it a challenging structure to design and execute. Our approach attempts to tackle this issue by combining digital design with traditional craft to create the optimal node solution for any possible application required by the end user.

  • With Hyperstat, we designed a code that would generate the nodes in a way that provides the best structural response to the forces at play and optimizes the use of material by simulating the base essentials required to build the relative structure. A sturdy and lightweight space frame could then be constructed and adapted for multiple applications, making the design process much more responsive and much more accessible to the end user as well. This allows for a system that seamlessly reconnects the designer with the craftsperson and the end user.

  • Hyperstat is not just a product, it is a system that responds to the needs of its user and involves them in the design process. Our aim is to develop an app that would allow end-users to design and create their own structure, making it an open-source design. It has a lot of possible applications, making it a diverse solution with a large outreach. The right exposure and investment would allow us to develop it to its full potential. It cuts down on a lot of waste, whether in materials, human hours, or simply transportation as it's lightweight and flat-packed.

  • Hyperstat requires a deep understanding of the root decisions that the code uses to generate a design: to choose how to fillet a joint, where to add a link and at what angle. Having those decisions anticipated and accounted for within the code's DNA is key in making the design succeed. This system has more agility to increase the efficiency in generating all possible nodes and to solve far more complex solutions in a very elegant way and with very little use of material. Another key feature with Hyperstat is its low carbon footprint whether in production -because of the accuracy and low waste of robotic fabrication, or transportation -because of its low volume and weight.