HP OMEN Transceptor Bags

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The OMEN Transceptor Bags are unique in offering protection, utility, and style for gamers or anyone who wants to travel with convenience and style. The series includes an expandable backpack, a rolltop backpack, a convertible duffel and a headset case.

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  • Gamers invest in expensive gear and equipment they need to transport when traveling, either to a conference or to a friend’s house. The goal was to design a series of bags, that could protect essential gaming gear, be used for everyday life, and look cool. The series of bags also had to align with HP’s OMEN gaming design language, which spans across notebooks, monitors and gaming accessories.

  • To best understand gamers’ needs, the design team met with experts in the field. Top-tier gamers were consulted for input on HP’s entire gaming product line. The bags were designed around top concerns and needs of actual gamers. Through dedicated research, and inspiration from around the world, the designers crafted a meaningful and functional collection. The designers considered the average day of a gamer and incorporated multipurpose features. The bags can be taken to school, the gym, as a carry on, or to just transport gaming equipment to a friend’s house.

  • The bags are a part of a larger gaming ecosystem designed by HP. The functional and dynamic design of the bags offer a heightened level of edge and sophistication. The HP OMEN and gaming products are cool, gamer-specific, ergonomic, and match in style and performance. Though the products can be bought as a stand-alone, the unmatched performance and fashionable design of the HP gaming line encourages consumers to continue buy within the ecosystem. The comprehensive design language and rigorous testing ensures brand loyalty, growing HP's market share.

  • The HP OMEN Transceptor backpack brings a traditional gaming backpack to the next level. The body of the backpack is expandable, offering extra carrying room. The angled zip pocket in the front the bag includes an oversized zipper, adding to the robust aesthetic and a longer lasting product. The rolltop backpack includes the same features but with the added benefit of the rolltop allowing for more room and adds a sporty element to the design. The backpack includes a full wrap around zipper for the laptop compartment for easier access for larger gaming notebooks. The duffle offers a separate compartment made for spare gym clothes or shoes that is segregated from the rest of the bag. It can also convert into a backpack for easy carrying. The headset case can fit any professional gaming headset, and offers industrial durability for maximum protection. It has a unique tear drop profile, and an internal elastic closure pocket for additional accessories. The exterior materials on the bags are water resistant to protect expensive gaming equipment from spills or rain. The exterior also includes angular quick-access pockets seen across the series. The pocket zipper is stylistically over-sized, that will withstand wear-and-tear over time.