• 2021

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    Consumer Electronics

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HP Inc.

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United States of America

HP Omen has always stood for affordable high-performance gaming. Equipped with desktop class GPU, a high resolution display, and a design-oriented approach to thermal management, every shape and choice has been used to optimise this notebook for next-level game play.

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  • Computer games require the very highest in graphics power and high resolution. This comes at a cost, with high heat to be managed both for user comfort and keeping things running at peak performance. Air has to flow over components, without cycling hot exhaust air back through the intake. Gamers like to upgrade their computers. It has to be easy to upgrade. Game play has to be immersive, demanding excellent audio. And at all times, it has to look like hardware suitable for gaming, with a design language that allows for exposed vents, black finish and colored lighting.

  • The hinges for the display are elevated above the keyboard deck so that the entire back of the machine has free flowing thermal exhaust. The feet are wide prisms, keeping the thermal inlet clear, preventing recirculating hot air from the back of the computer into the inlet vent on the bottom the computer. The bottom enclosure has a single panel access door to upgrade memory and storage components. The keyboard deck and sideband are aluminum, with laser drilled speaker grille, and the trackpad has been inset with a CNC chamfer at its edge.

  • The HP OMEN 16 will make a positive impact on HP's gaming business performance. The OMEN brand exists to bring the performance and design language gamers desire at an affordable price point. Making the computer user-upgradable, equipping it with desktop-class graphics performance, and using CNC-machined, laser-drilled surfaces on the enclosure will have a positive impact on the sales of HP OMEN notebook computers.

  • HP OMEN is equipped with dual microphones, a privacy webcam, and Wi-Fi 6 for the very fastest wireless network connections, making it the ideal machine for gaming. The display hinge is a new innovation for this laptop, and due to the concealed placement of the hinges and the way that the display pivots on them gives the user what we call the "floating display" that floats above the keyboard deck. The keyboard has individual key RGB backlighting, and OMEN Tempest Cooling technology, which includes the large open intake surface on the bottom cover. Gamers like the ability to upgrade their machine and personalize it. HP has equipped the OMEN with a single access door for RAM and fast storage upgrades. HP OMEN has network boost technology, routing the game data over the fastest network connection, usually wired, and making all other traffic take the slower route, usually Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi 6, even the slowest route isn't slow.