HP Enhanced Lighting

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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HP Inc.

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United States of America

HP Enhanced Lighting software helps work-from-home users use their displays to boost lighting when on a video call, so that they look better on camera. Enhanced Lighting is based on the idea that the computer should help the user look their best on camera.

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  • HP Design has seen the wide range of camera quality on video calls during last year's work-from-home situation, and we know how hard it can be to make a good impression when the camera makes it hard to be seen. Camera quality isn't just the resolution, although that's part of it. The basis for all photography is the manipulation of light, and how much or little is present. But we can't all have lights on stands around our workspace all the time in case a call takes place.

  • The interesting thing is, displays already have a backlight. We just don't think about it because it's commonly used to display our work. If we crop the content to the middle of the display and then use the sides or top and bottom of the display to show bright white, it illuminates the user. For the portable user, it means not having to have ring lights, key lights, stands, and power cables to carry around.

  • The Enhanced Lighting software has a control center that lets the user configure where the lighting should be on the display, letterbox, pillar box, all borders, or ring lighting, what colors it should be, opacity, and other options that allow the user to tailor their lighting to their needs. Conveniently, it's possible to enable the lighting to only turn on when the camera is active.

  • While bright white makes the biggest impact on improving camera quality, some users want color effects when recording themselves for video or streaming. Enhanced lighting allows the user to set the mood, and add some fun to the ambience, using purples, magenta, or whatever colors they desire. The software makes it possible to select two colors at a time.