Hot Teaze

  • 2017

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    Domestic Appliances

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Wisetype Investments Pty Ltd

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The Hot Teaze is the first known heated element hair volume device. It combines three separate process (sectioning, crimping, combing) in one single process to provide superior, long-lasting hair volume. The Hot Teaze is a simple, user-friendly everyday styling device for hair volume.

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  • The Hot Teaze is a premium product in the hair appliance market. The sleek design conveys a sense of product quality from the function through to the form. The curve design is practical for its application but also unique and aesthetically desirable. It is visually similar to hair straightening devices with a curve that is a key visual and functional difference. The user will find it familiar yet unique; intuitive to use but completely original. The device is ergonomically styled to fit comfortably in the user's hand with an over molded hand grip for extra comfort.

  • The primary function of the Hot Teaze is to crimp hair and 'volumise' at the roots. Regular flat-edge irons are difficult to use on hair close to the scalp. The Hot Teaze is a curved design that allows it to fit closely against the scalp, providing volume exactly where it is needed. The Hot Teaze is designed with a partition point that slides through hair and separates it into manageable sections, combining two processes into one and increasing the speed and efficiency of use. The Hot Teaze has intuitive user friendly controls, including a thermostat dial that allows the user to set the preferred temperature and an indication light that identifies when the device is heating up and ready for use.

  • The Hot Teaze is made from V-0 plastic that does not melt under heat stress. A plastic buffer was introduced on the edge of the device to prevent contact between the element and the scalp. The degree to which the two elements can open apart is also carefully controlled so that the heat elements cannot reach the scalp. The Hot Teaze features a swivel cord with 360 degree rotation to ensure that the cord does not get tangled, which is convenient for the user but also improves safety for the device that is often used in a bathroom environment. The Hot Teaze complies with all applicable electrical standards and regulations.

  • The Hot Teaze greatly increases the energy efficiency of creating hair volume by combining three process into one device. Styling hair with the Hot Teaze is several times faster than using a regular crimping iron and comb and therefore requires the device to be switched on for much less time. When used every day, the energy saving adds up to a significant amount over the lifespan of the device.

    The Hot Teaze is a high-quality, premium device. The Hot Teaze heat elements feature tourmaline coating to protect the element and increase the longevity of the device. Tourmaline coating also ensures that the heat doesn't damage hair follicles and creates a silky and shiny hair appearance. The Hot Teaze features a 'cool touch' overmolded plastic grip that provides a superior, comfortable user experience and distinguishes it from cheaper hair styling devices.

    The Hot Teaze is designed as a premium appliance in the hair industry and has a corresponding price point. The quality of the product finish and materials chosen (such as the tourmaline coated element) reflects this position in the market. The longevity of the device and the unique function provide great value to the user and justify the price point. High quality industrial design is crucial to the success of the product in a competitive landscape that features high quality hair straightening devices from GHD.

    The Hot Teaze is the first known heated-element hair volume device anywhere in the world and has several patents on the technology. The device has progressed hair straightener technology to meet a specific need in the market place for hair volume. The two heat elements operate in similar way to a hair straightener, except they press together in a 'wave' pattern to achieve a crimping effect. The curved design is an innovative approach that allows the device to reach close to the scalp; a significant improvement on current flat-edge hair devices.