Hitachi airCloud Pro

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Hitachi airCloud Pro enables building owners and facilitators to monitor and control their commercial heating and cooling air conditioning system(s) through the Cloud via an IoT gateway device. This multiplatform application offers a centralised control overview to any building’s HVAC system.

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  • Users are frustrated by the complexity of the product and less ROI on using the advanced control system due to poor discoverability of smart and beneficial functions. AirCloud Pro seeks to create more transparency for the users through rethinking and remaking of the flow of the operable information architecture.

  • Over nearly two years in the making, we conducted qualitative research in four countries worldwide. Through various array of insights consolidated through user journey maps and contextual interviews, the solutions and improvements made aimed at achieving end user delight through seamless integration of mobile and web touchpoints.

  • The world becomes a better place if the structures we build are more energy efficient. HVAC professionals no longer need to stay in a centralized server location when trying to troubleshoot a building's HVAC system, but can collaboratively remotely, allowing a more enriched lifestyle with flexibility to be more productive.

  • Cut wasteful AC use Enhance comfort for occupants Modify temperature, fan speed, and louver direction Create schedules, plan repetitions, and/or exceptions. Lock indoor units' individual controllers. For all functions: easy selection of target zones/indoor units