HESTA Hybrid Ways of Working


Like many organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated HESTA towards a future they were already heading towards, but that they were not yet prepared for. Working collaboratively with their workforce, Deloitte defined what a balanced world of work means for HESTA and created the guardrails that bring it to life.

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  • Due to disruption across the industry, market, and nature of work, influenced and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, HESTA was facing a major shift in their ways of working, resulting in an increase in remote workers, a reduction in average tenure and an increase in onboarding activities; stretching the capacity of enabling staff. Without a clear understanding or alignment around hybrid ways of working, the future of work at HESTA remained unclear, and inefficiencies in the onboarding process made for a disrupted new starter journey within this new hybrid environment.

  • As the business was moving into a new phase of growth, the importance of providing a clear definition of hybrid ways of working and a revised onboarding experience to ensure a seamless introduction for new starters was identified. Through targeted employee engagement across the organisation, Deloitte helped HESTA to develop a future of work vision, with accompanying guiding principles and ways of working guardrails to assist employees in bringing this new world of work to life. Additionally, Deloitte assessed the current process for preboarding, onboarding and induction to understand inefficiencies and key opportunities for improvement moving forward.

  • In defining their new world of work and undertaking the onboarding assessment, Deloitte provided: •Alignment on the definition of hybrid working at HESTA, and clear communication around the ‘why’ behind a balanced world of work •Simple guardrails to enable efficient work within a hybrid environment, with practical tips to bring the new world of work to life •Identification of inefficiencies within the onboarding process, as well as tactical solutions for improvement to deliver in the short and long term

  • To effectively communicate the meaning of a balanced world of work that supports individuals, teams and the business, Deloitte created a communications document to be shared with the workforce that conveyed key information such as: •The HESTA hybrid work vision and ways of working guardrails to ensure a shared understanding of new norms, behaviours, and etiquette that supports all HESTA employees to work in a respectful and inclusive way without creating hard rules and restrictions •Clear communication around the ‘why’ of this new world of work, how it amplifies HESTAs many strengths as an employer, and provides benefits to individuals, teams, and the business •Practical tools to assist HESTA employees in communicating a work rhythm that best suits their needs, as well as the needs of their team and the business, including an HBDI assessment framework, a meeting facilitator canvas, and a hybrid ways of working canvas •Recommendations around which locations best suit certain work activities, and examples of how the new world of work can be practically brought to life through the different activities that take place across a month Additionally, Deloitte created accompanying screensaver assets designed to reinforce these messages with the HESTA workforce regardless of work location.