• 2015

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Jason Fremder

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The Harwyn Philosophy stems from the belief that the space we inhabit helps guide the way we behave.
A Harwyn Pod was inspired by a combination of my love of the style of modern motor vehicles with a desperate need for a professional work space.
Key Features:
• Build quality of the best commercial buildings in the world.
• Large amounts of natural light.
• Use of PIR panels
• Great acoustic insulation
• Alucobond cladding minimising maintenance and gives a 10 year guarantee

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  • 1. Those who a Harwyn was intended for are those same people who see a Range Rover Evoque and appreciate the great design and even if they don't own or intend to own one, can imagine the experience of driving such a stylish automobile. 2. When we had turned our paper sketches into a full functional working prototype, we took the first Harwyn out to a photo-shoot and I sent the results to a few associates of mine. The very first response I got back was: “WHAT IS THAT??? I want one! I just want to run up, jump inside, close the door and never comme out!” 3. The intuitive design of the Harwyn Pod is what draws people in. People see what they want to see with Harwyn.

  • 1. The functional purpose of the Harwyn Pod was to allow a person to maintain a professional work environment in the home while giving separation from household distractions. A primary consideration was also to design a product that would allow a professional to present themselves professionally to clients. 2. The design of the Harwyn Pod allows a user to walk in, comfortably sit down, unpack a laptop and get straight to work. 3. The design gives the user many advantages over workspaces they may have experienced in the past with some of the following features • Abundant natural light • Comfortable and spacious work area • Ample amount of storage • Personal climate control system

  • All thought has gone into designing a functional space that is both pleasant to use and most of all, free from any point that may cause the user harm. This is constantly tested in daily use in our showroom. Additionally, we eagerly await any and all feedback from our customer base to highlight any area that we may be able to improve. We always work to anticipate any element that may potentially cause harm to a user and are proud to say that to date, we have not experienced any feedback from clients highlighting an area we have overlooked. The Harwyn Pod is architecturally designed and engineer certified to meet and exceed all relevant and necessary standards for use in Australia.

  • The quality of a Harwyn is apparent even before seeing it in real life. The images we have produced give you a sense of the quality that is to be experienced when confronted by a Harwyn with all your senses for the first time. The brilliant colours, the perfectly straight lines, the sleek design, the clever use of small space to make it feel like a big space, all this is what draws people into feeling what a success the Harwyn Pod really is. Those who have a need for such a space then can easily justify the price of a Harwyn.

    The value for money delivered by a Harwyn at its price point can be seen by keeping in mind the following: The need for design, certification, engineering and testing was taken by the stakeholders of the company for the purpose of being able to deliver a state of the art finished product off the shelf. Those cost are absorbed by scale so that no single Harwyn Pod purchased by a customer bears those initial costs in whole, which are significant. Those costs, spread over the sale of hundreds of Pods reduce it down to an incredible value for money purchase for every client of Harwyn.

    A search in google images for terms such as “prefab garden room”, “backyard room” and “prefab garden studio” will show many recycled design ideas that would be difficult to distinguish between. A layman would struggle to attach the brand/company to any one of the hundreds of very similar designs. When we put a Harwyn Pod in the mix, there is no mistaking the Harwyn when put in a lineup of every other design on the market. The Harwyn line-up was designed from the ground up.