Grill’d Healthy Burgers

  • 2019

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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Grill’d whips up healthy burgers that are good for the community. When we were commissioned to design their new website, we knew it had to look as tasty as ethical burgers. More than a pretty face, the site was central to a digital transformation project powering business processes and marketing.

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  • The existing website could not handle high-volume traffic and information was often out of date, creating a user experience that was incongruent with what customers experienced at one of the chain’s 120 locations. Grill’d engaged us to design a website that would not only encapsulate its healthy food philosophy and commitment to the community but also serve as a one-stop-shop for customers to access brand and product information with ease.

  • To create an experience that resonated with customers’ needs, we hit the streets to chat to Grill’d customers. We learned invaluable insights about what customers expect from a retail site and how they respond to different features and components. Grill’d customers want two things: browse the menu and find their local restaurant. These objectives became critical user journeys and part of the website’s primary navigation, warranting special treatment across all devices. With a single click, users can jump from any page to the menu (complete with pricing, ingredients, and nutritional information) or to a user-friendly restaurant locator.

  • The core objective was to deliver a website that represented the brand, and the welcoming experience customers enjoy in-restaurant. We took time to speak to customers to design an experience that would meet their needs. Furthermore, given the rise of food allergies, vegetarianism and veganism, we elected to feature ‘food tribes’ - dedicated customisations to make every customer feel welcome. Driven by data, we built a home for Grill’d that’s as juicy as their fare. Site analytics indicated that users responded positively to our approach: 52.6% uplift in website traffic +144.2% page views -64.8% bounce rate

  • We built a data model to handle products, regions, restaurants, and “Local Matters” content via Craft CMS. Products were unexpectedly complex due to different region price tiers, names, variants, and nutritional information. Modelling complex data in Craft also paved the way for us to implement the “Grill’d API”, giving the business a streamlined and scalable way to share data with other sites and applications. Particularly with the mobile app and ecommerce store in the digital transformation pipeline. The Grill’d menu is the key ingredient to the website’s success. Its design and functionality had to be flawless. Similar to the printed menu in-restaurant, the layout is easy to navigate and understand. After plenty of testing, we opted for a full-screen, map-based approach to help customers find their local restaurant. Using a standard map UI, customers can pan and zoom or select from a list of restaurants to the left of the map. We architected a robust, load-balanced solution on Amazon AWS that could handle heavy traffic, and tackled caching/CDN/WAF duties with Cloudflare. The site now delivers a lightning-fast experience, and we’re thrilled to share the site has maintained 99.99% uptime since launch.