Google OnHub

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Google Inc

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The Google OnHub is a new type of residential router called a “hub”. It connects all wireless devices in one’s home to the Internet and to one another. OnHub is the center of a connected home, directing all information, communication, and entertainment traffic quickly and seamlessly.

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  • With its elegantly tapered cylindrical shape and absolute simplicity, OnHub is prominently positioned in the home as a connected hub. Under this graceful skin is an array of 13 antennas arranged in a circle, which provides ideal wireless signal performance. Ventilation holes are covered by a customizable outer shell; the opening ring at the top creates a chimney effect (Bernoulli's Principle) for superb cooling. A gap between the inner core and outer shell helps heat to escape and allows a status light to glow from within. The shell is offered in a variety of finishes including natural bamboo; or creative minds can customize it as they wish. OnHub is very easy to set-up and use through the Google On app.

  • OnHub performs better as a wireless hub because of its high cylindrical design. Inside, thirteen antennas are arranged in a circle which provides an even wireless coverage with a radial signal pattern. In addition, OnHub is elegant and simple so users can place it anywhere in the home almost like decoration. This freedom of placement in turn improves performance even more. OnHub is very easy to use - just plug it in and pair to the Google On app to calibrate and optimize its performance. This solves a major pain point for users that always complain about router set-up.

  • The creation of a natural outer bamboo shell was made with sustainability in mind, and makes a clear statement when placed front and center in the end-user's home. In addition to the natural bamboo, nearly all components are recyclable. The elimination of the cooling fan effectively reduced energy consumption as well. Finally, OnHub's design goes way beyond the standard consumer electronic look and feel. It is warm, soft, and relaxed. This refreshing design poses a welcome cultural shift in how we view technology while keeping an eye on sustainability, intelligently balanced against the all-around technological convenience we've grown accustomed too.

  • OnHub is one of the most successful hardware products in Google's history. 50,000 units sold in the first three months alone. OnHub is a "brand beacon" for the company because it embodies many of Google's brand values. For example it is friendly and warm while being very high tech. It is fun, unique, and irreverent which is very Google-y. The OnHub design and subsequent success initiated a whole new division at Google which now employs more than 250 people.

    Google OnHub is different from any other router ever designed. It is an elegant, vertical cylinder that looks great all around. There is no "back" so you can put it in the middle of a table like a vase. OnHub is customizable to fit your environment by changing out its shell. Different colors and materials are available, you can create your own, or you can dress up the shell you have just for fun. One of the premade available options is a bamboo shell making it look warm and un-electronic. No noisy fans are present as cooling is accomplished with a fan-less and efficient Bernoulli Principle. The top speaker allows use as a voice command or audio source. Set-up is as easy as it gets by pairing it with the On app