• 2021

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    Automotive and Transport

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GHH-Fahrzeuge GmbH

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The MK-42 is a 42 tonne dump truck for underground mining and tunnelling applications. It has been developed in cooperation with operators and miners to create a product that is safe and efficient with a high level of operating comfort.

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Image: Oliver Schmitz (GHH Quality Manager)
Image: Oliver Schmitz (GHH Quality Manager)
Image: Oliver Schmitz (GHH Quality Manager)
Image: XP Zero design Hugo Eccles photo Ludovic Robert
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  • The MK-42 combines rugged design with strong performance, while offering comfortable handling and high productivity at low operating costs. The clear colour scheme ensures maximum visibility underground, so from a safety perspective this maximizes product safety and also from an aesthetic point of view the product is innovative and futuristic looking supporting the technology within.

  • The MK-42 truck was a new design that required an innovative look to not only be able to be a competitive differentiator but also add to the safety aspect and the sleek look as well as ease of maintainability for technicians. This innovative solution was reached through the final product design released.

  • From a commercial perspective the MK-42 truck looks great on the outside and it strong and robust on the inside so therefore more sellable to the customers from a visual perspective and therefore more commercially viable. From an environmental perspective the product is focused on Stage V engine and the innovative design of the covers makes this work well. also with the smooth nature of the cover plates the machine is able to work far easier in an underground environment without catching loose rocks etc

  • Straight lines and a distinctive surface design give the MK-42 dump truck its modern appearance. It also convinces with respect to safety and operating convenience.