Getaway Sofa


The Getaway Sofa was designed with the family in mind. Spills and space are solved with stain-resistant fabrics and integrated storage. It has an easy-to-change layout and the option to go to a 5-seater, and comes with toolless assembly and disassembly, sink-in comfort, and soft, recycled polyester fibres.

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  • Besides a lack of sleep and perpetually stained clothing, families usually suffer from zero space. Our goal was to create a sofa that was the star of the living room with a naughty little secret — loads of storage underneath. And we wanted to do this all the while trying to target all the usual stuff people want from their sofas: simple customisation to suit the growing members of their families, easy-to-clean fabrics and accessible quality that’s not always possible with today’s fast-furniture options.

  • The Getaway has fully integrated storage underneath to give the illusion of a clean house (even if it’s not totally genuine). As our customers typically come with a growing family, we’ve designed the Getaway so they can add and customise the layout, with easy assembly and disassembly and a flexible layout that can change to match their needs. We’ve also used a special stain-resistant polyester to keep the sofa looking fresh out of the box (yes, even with kids).

  • The Getaway strikes a balance of accessibility and quality for the everyday Aussie family. We designed it to last for future generations, saying ’no more’ to the fast-furniture fixation we’ve had to endure. With sustainability an essential aspect of our designs — thanks to FSC-certified timbers and recycled polyester fabrics — this is a sofa our customers can feel good laying on, inside and out. Fully customisable to whatever era your family is in and the configuration you like best, the Getaway Sofa changes as our Koalas do.

  • The fully integrated drawers (made with engineered solid timber, no less) solve the age-old problem of a clutter-filled living room. Comfort was the name of the game when designing the Getaway and its seat cushions. Get a true vacation experience with a combo of foam, spring and fibre underneath your bum. Worried about stains ruining your new sofa? Join the club. The Getaway was designed to make cleaning easy for our customers. It features a special outer layer, so it’s life-resistant and super easy to clean. The same old sofa gets boring. We wanted our customers to ‘Getaway’ to a whole new lounge when they switched up the config on their couches. The chaise connects to the left- or right-end of the couch, and it comes in various settings to fit up to five people. A solid steel frame makes this a sturdy beast. Customers want to know they’re spending less but getting higher quality, and that’s what we achieved by constructing the Getaway. As the icing on the cake, the premium fabric covering the Getaway is made from recycled polyester fibres. Soft, squishy and solid enough to withstand life.