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Matthew Holloway

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GEOHEX™ Erosion Control System is a turf and substrate stabiliser that increases the structural integrity of soil, mitigates erosion, controls shearing, and minimises lateral or vertical movement. Made from 100% recycled post-industrial plastics, this Australian product is a cost-effective substitute for concrete and bitumen products.

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  • We set out to develop the most innovative and strongest permeable paver on the market. Domestic landscaping contains products that simply 'hold gravel' with a porous base. We identified the opportunity to design, engineer a permeable paver specifically for larger, commercial applications. Starting with the farming sector, we set out to solve degradation issues with cattle yards and feed troughs requiring permeability, surface stabilisation, and durability. This application then morphed into the Civil and Mining sector helping reinforce hardstands, refueling bays, access roads, and parking bays.

  • By increasing the structural integrity of the soil, GEOHEX™ Erosion Control System helps stabilise infill material, mitigates erosion, and controls shearing, lateral and vertical movement in a wide range of soil and substrate types. The permeable GEOHEX™ creates a stiffened base layer that provides increased load support whilst preventing soil subsidence and erosion. With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 1200t/sqm when filled and made from recycled and recyclable interlocking polypropylene hexagonal cells, GEOHEX™ is suitable for use in just about any type of ground and geological conditions.

  • We have provided copious industries across Australia with a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to concrete or asphalt. Our unique design provides end-users with a product that can be installed themselves (DIY) and significantly increases the performance of their problem areas, simultaneously reducing the ongoing maintenance required should have GEOHEX not been installed. We have saved farmers and stakeholders hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduction of cattle lameness through a more improved subsurface and provided safety solutions to the civil and mining industry. Our product is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic waste!

  • In the last 12 months, we have used over 1 million kg of reprocessed, post-industrial waste in the manufacture of GEOHEX™. Tested at the University of Newcastle, our unique product can withstand (statically) 1200T's per sqm when filled with road base.