Maxi Cosi GCELL

  • 2015

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Dorel Australia

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Patented GCELL technology is a design which combines hexagonal membranes moulded from high grade Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE). The GCELL panels form a wall of strength specifically design to absorbs side impact crash forces and protects the infant/child occupant to help reduce the severity of a side impact collision.
The results of our USA test which replicates real life intruding door methodology shows a reduction in crash forces over 35% in forward- facing mode and 75% in rearward-facing mode.

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  • GCELL is designed to perform and importantly look like it is designed to protect. The combination of large and small hexagonal membranes have been made visible through the transparent material walls to highlight the functional protection. The external appearance is deliberately protrudes from the general side wall of the seat to offer a physical barrier that is smooth and contoured creating an encapsulating protecting appearance.

  • GCELL has been designed to provide additional side impact protection to the child in both forward and rearward facing configurations. GCELL's “honeycomb” design features include: Hexagonal shaped high performance thermoplastic elastomer absorbers that act as a crumple zone for side impact collisions. Structural integrity even after exposure to extreme temperatures, the crumple zones do not diminish over time. Secure coverage of your child's car seat for complete side impact protection. Slim and narrow design allowing you to maximise space in your vehicle. Tailored solution to protect your child's body and works in combination with Dorel Air Protect technology which was tailored for your child's head.

  • The key function of GCELL is the safety of the child seat occupant by reducing severity of side impact collisions. The GCELL technology is tested and complies to the latest version of the Australian child safety standard AS/NZS 1754: 2013 as well as in an independent testing lab in USA. The results of our USA test which replicates real life intruding door methodology shows a reduction in crash forces over 35% in forward- facing mode and 75% in rearward-facing mode. This data was extracted by performing the same test protocol with GCELL then replicated again without which then gave us a quantifiable measure of the product performance.

  • This GCELL panels have been designed for rearward and forward facing position for the age range 0 to 18kg ( 4yrs). The GCELL panels therefore have been injection moulded from quality suitable TPE materials to stand up to the daily use requirements. The GCELL panel materials are long lasting, withstand expected wear in the tough interior environment of a car. GCELL panels can be wiped clean.

    GCELL panels fitted to child seats have raised the bar on side impact safety and challenged the market with a new range of car seats that offer a point of difference to the consumer both aesthetically while improving product safety performance. GCELL has been able to command higher price point in the market as a result of its visual uniqueness and compelling safety benefits to the consumer. GCELL panels provide that differentiation with real benefits that consumers expect and are prepared to pay for. GCELL panels represent good valve for both the consumer and the business.

    GCELL panels are innovative and patent protected. The hexagonal membranes are moulded from high grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This material in combination with the ribbing design provides this innovative form of side impact protection.

    GCELL is designed to last the life of the child car seat. As a minimum this is 4 years, and beyond with multiple children. At the end of product life the GCELL panels can be removed and as a single material product and be recyclable for low grade uses. A minimum amount of TPE material (420g per panel) has been used to achieve the desired level of performance.