• 2016

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    Medical and Scientific

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Russell Connally

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Time-gated luminescence (TGL) microscopy is a novel technique that utilizes special phosphors and a unique timing sequence to suppress the visibility of light arising from naturally occurring fluorescent materials. The Gator4D is a small opto-mechanical device that instantly converts a conventional fluorescence microscope into a TGL microscope with enormous discriminative power.

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  • The Gator4D fits into a pre-existing slot in a conventional fluorescence microscope - the instrument can be converted to time-gated luminescence microscope in seconds. In this mode of operation, the microscope can eliminate fluorescence emitted by naturally occurring fluorescent materials (autoflurophores) which are often encountered in the analysis of body fluids, cells and tissue samples - greatly facilitating target discovery and identification. In use, the target cells glow a bright red against a black background to make discovery much easier, now slide analysis becomes amenable to full computer control. All previous TGL microscopes were expensive lab-built constructions, the Gator4D is the new paradigm.