Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock

  • 2021

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The Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock is a 3-in-1, precision-engineered smart lock. This Australian-designed product is made from premium materials and cutting-edge functionalities to give users complete control over access to their home.

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  • The Gainsborough Freestyle™ Trilock is an industry leading residential lock that gives users peace of mind that their home is secure and allows them the freedom to leave home without taking keys. The 3-in-1 smart lock also provides the option to remotely give access for a specific time window, for example if a tradesperson needs to access the house. The design challenge was to take the mechanical and aesthetic strengths of an existing Trilock and integrate the latest in smart home technology. This technology opens up choices to meet the demands of the modern homeowner for style and functionality.

  • The team designed a lock that makes everyday life easier. Functionally, the Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Lock was unlike any lock available in market at the time. The electronic version replicates the three locking functions of its mechanical predecessor; unlocked (both internal and external handle unlocked), locked (external locked, internal unlocked) and deadlocked ( internal and external handles locked). The team was able to develop these three modes of locking to be controlled both at the lock and through the app. This was one of the first connected electronic locks that had a deadlock function, in high demand in the Australian market.

  • From a social perspective, the Gainsborough Freestyle™ Trilock has the potential to reduce crimes of opportunity, alerting users through the app when their door is locked but open (using the WiFi sensor) or has been entered by an unregistered user. Commercially the development of this 'new to market' lock, giving users unrivalled choice and best in class design, helps cement Gainsborough as a future proof brand. This diversification opens up increased revenue streams for Gainsborough whilst protecting against disruption by new market entrants. And environmentally it reduces the need for hardware replacement/wastage by allowing for remote software technology updates.

  • Security: Assign up to 20 users for the lock with different permissions and remove/update these at any time as well as setting access windows. The lock has 3 status options, passage, privacy or deadlock and a manual key override option. Choice: The Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Lock offers users the option to use keypad entry or wireless bluetooth entry through the app, as well as fully remote management and operation of the lock and users through the Wi-Fi Bridge and door sensor. So you can control your home access from anywhere in the world. Finish: Gainsborough drew on 50 years of style and innovation to develop a lock packed full of technology and functionality, in a fashionable and slim lined design suitable for Australian homes. Future proofing: The design by the team at LX ensures that the lock can continue to update features over the air through their development of the firmware software and cloud architecture. Communications: Ultra secure wireless IoT communication and IT security mean users have peace of mind their lock is functioning and only those they've assigned access to can use the Trilock