Fusion Trampoline Park

  • 2018

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Vuly Fusion is the world's first and only trampoline park where the entire space is open for bouncing, with no need for the dangerous coil connections and safety padding that crisscross other models. Pure, uninterrupted bouncing isn't just more fun, it's safer – with over 70% fewer injuries than traditional parks.

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  • While springless trampolines are popular in backyards, coil spring connections and padding still plague trampoline parks installed in family entertainment centres. They confine users to small squares and cause scores of landing impact injuries. With thousands of children bouncing each day, they represent a major hazard that Vuly wanted to eliminate. The goal of Fusion was to apply the Vuly philosophy of safe play through beautiful and functional design to solve that problem. By designing a trampoline park on which users can 'bounce anywhere', Vuly hoped to create an entirely superior experience from that of bouncing on a classic park.

  • The solution was to take years of Vuly expertise in creating springless recreational trampolines and apply it on a much larger scale. Using a foundation of proprietary Leaf Springs beneath the jump mat, the Fusion modular trampoline park system has **a bouncing surface area that's 42% larger** than a traditional park of the same size and dramatically safer. After two prototype series, and extensive testing at both Vuly R&D and Sky Zone facilities, Vuly would fully refine the springless park with Fusion 3 – the production model being installed in Sky Zone Trampoline Parks across the world.

  • The radical new design of Fusion has had a significant impact on both the family entertainment centre industry and on the families who use trampoline parks. **Reducing injury rates by over 70%** compared to every other trampoline park in the world, Fusion disrupts the status quo. The design's greatest achievement is the aversion of countless injuries among children, while encouraging active and healthy play. Fusion puts pressure on competitors to improve their own installation designs. By changing public expectations as to the level of safety that is acceptable for trampoline parks, Fusion elevates the industry as a whole.

  • Currently **installed in six Sky Zone facilities across the USA, Canada and Australia**, Fusion is instantly recognisable as a groundbreaking product. Its vast and streamlined black surface (which eschews the thick plastic lining of other park systems) evokes the feeling of complete freedom in those who use it. The rebound system that underpins Fusion pushes the boundaries of design, cleverly using an array of Leaf Springs – like those found in springless backyard Vuly products and the suspension systems of long-haul trucks – to provide a quality bounce on every part of the surface, equal to or better than standard trampoline parks. Fusion's parts themselves also click together, like all Vuly products, for straightforward installation. Fusion itself has had a significant impact on the Vuly business – increasing brand value and direct revenue. It is part of a multi-million dollar, ongoing exclusivity deal with Sky Zone Trampoline Parks, which is providing significant, long-term return on investment and brand projection for Vuly in sites across the globe.