Foxtel iQ5

  • 2021

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    Consumer Electronics

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Introducing the next-generation in home entertainment – iQ5 is a whole new way to get connected to the best of TV and On Demand content from Foxtel.

iQ5 heralds a new era for Foxtel. Until now, Australians could only get Foxtel through a satellite or cable installation – thereby limiting Foxtel’s serviceability. iQ5 removes these cost and logistical barriers by being able to operate not only in hybrid mode (satellite + IP), but also IP-only mode (where the entire Foxtel service, including all linear channels, are available via the internet). It enables a customer to essentially plug and play without the need for an installation.

In addition, iQ5 can operate either as a stand-alone streaming device, or with the added benefit of recording functionality by attaching the external hard drive.

iQ5 makes it possible for all Australians to enjoy the best in entertainment, sport and news.

While iQ5 shares the same on-screen user experience as its predecessors (iQ3/4) it was important to refresh the industrial design, to support the flexibility of the customer proposition and make it on par aesthetically with other premium in-home entertainment devices.

The result is a minimalist low-profile design with subtle details, finished in premium matte black. iQ5 hovers softly with its continuous curvature — noticeably unnoticeable — seamlessly blending into any interior entertainment space.

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  • Foxtel’s iQ5 needed to elevate the in-home entertainment experience while also meeting the objective of a lower cost set-top-box for Foxtel and customers alike. Foxtel required the iQ5 industrial design to not only be a noticeable step change from prior STBs, it needed to convey the essence of the Foxtel brand, as a premium entertainment provider. The design of the iQ5 needed to impress Foxtel’s wide demographic, convey superior performance and aesthetic/material longevity to support an extended use-life of up to 10yrs. In addition, to enable iQ5 to service a larger audience, Foxtel required the box to be manufactured at a lower cost, while still providing the ability to support both for hard drive and non-hard drive options, and hybrid and IP-only operating modes.

  • iQ5 features an elevated minimalist matte black aesthetic, appealing to Foxtel's broad demographic while representative of the next generation in premium home entertainment devices. iQ5 is unobtrusive and significantly smaller than it’s predecessors. It can seamlessly blend into any interior regardless of whether it sits next to the television or in shelf spaces. To support the modularity of iQ5, it was important that design of the set top box appeared visually complete as a standalone device, but also when connected to the external hard drive.

  • iQ5 has been constructed free of single use plastics, with internal electronics optimised to significantly lower power consumption when compared to iQ4. Considering the iQ5 is a mass market product, every watt saved via smarter electronics and any reduction in plastics used, contributes to an overall reduction in carbon footprint. The power consumption of iQ5 is ~15% less than the previous iQ4 model.

  • New ways to connect: Hybrid (Satellite + IP) or IP-Only connections. iQ5 provides high-definition outputs, with no variance in quality amongst connection types, ensuring TV and On-Demand content is crisp and every tiny detail noticed. Modular Design: iQ5 introduces a new modular approach, iQ5 can be purchased standalone or with an additional external hard-drive module (add-on at any time). An instant plug and play upgrade - Simply align the stand-off pins of the hard drive module with the entertainment box, press down softly and listen for the click. Minimal Design + Reduced Footprint: Continuous curvature, a reduction in physical footprint, paired with a soft and minimal aesthetic combines into a device representative of a high-quality entertainment product to appeal to the wide Foxtel customer demographic. iQ5 features an elevated and minimalist matte 'Traffic Black + Cool Gray' aesthetic. Designed to fit into almost any interior living space, iQ5 sits slightly raised, hovering, and using non-stick rubber feet to ensure no marks are left on furniture.