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Fly12 is the world’s first forward facing HD camera/light combo developed specifically for cyclists.

Boasting 400 lumens output and 10 hour run time, it incorporates incident protection and looping technology, ensuring any incident while riding is captured and preserved.

Featuring the latest in nano-technology, Fly12 is designed for all weather riding.

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  • Fly12 records in 4 different resolutions depending on the scenario you're trying to best capture. In “on road” mode license plate images are less likely to become over exposed due to their reflective surface, whilst “off road” algorithms provide balanced exposure on the trail. With an ultra-wide field-of-view nothing is missed, captured in crisp HD with audio. Fliy12 boasts 10 different light modes, including flash mode for high visibility, through to solid-high mode for night riding at speed. The user can also configure lighting preferences via the free CycliqPlus app.Fly12 remembers these as favorites for next time. Users can scroll through their favorites to select the desired mode, skipping all ten modes.

  • During the design of Fly12 careful consideration was made to ensure the form materials and finish were beautiful, complementary and refined. Cyclists take pride and carefully curate the components on their bike so the form of Fly12 is designed to seamlessly integrate and elevate the quality of the bike it is being use on. Careful consideration was also given to the use of branding and product detailing as to subtly highlight the high-quality technology infused nature of the product.

  • The Fly12 and its companion smartphone app were designed holistically to ensure a seamless user experience. The hardware and software workflows have been designed in tandem with user journey mapping to remove pain-points and make sure that riders are confident that critical moments on their ride are captured and uploaded. Fly12 has collaborated with leading sports social sharing platform, Strava, to enable a rider's metrics such as heartrate, speed and power to be overlaid onto their footage post ride. This adds an exciting dynamic to the sharing of clips as riders compare individual performance with their peers.

  • Fly12's key purpose is to capture a cyclist's journey in its entirety and preserve any incident should it occur. To achieve this it utilizes an internal accelerometer to detect if the rider has had an accident. Once detected, the unit automatically goes into “incident” mode, saving the preceding footage whilst continuing to record for another 30 mins. This allows recording of both pre- and post-incident footage and audio, which is often pertinent to investigations.

    Fly12 features looping recording so that the memory card never fills up, ensuring the recording does not inadvertently stop mid-ride due to a full card. Shipping with a 16Gb microSd card, off-shelf this provides a rolling capture of around 2 hours. Users can expand to this up to 64Gb, meaning around 8 hrs can be retained if desired. This allows for simple operation…if the unit is on, it's always recording.

    Fly12 is powered by an impressive 4400 mAh internal rechargeable battery, which provides up to ten hours of run time in camera mode. When the LED is powered on, the run time varies depending on the mode and brightness selected. Even on the brightest flash mode (400 lm) the battery can provide approximately 6 hours of illumination and footage. More than enough to capture that enduro ride.

    Fly12 comes equipped with a WiFi module to stream HD footage to a users smart phone. Additionally it come Bluetooth LE technology, enabling seamless communication with the companion app to configure and access all features. The app features simple-to-use tools to allow users to edit their footage on the fly, and to share a clip within minutes with their friends or social media.