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Fleur is an Australian designed sofa that unites a timeless silhouette with ingenious folding backrests and adjustable arms. Folded down, it’s a lowline sofa with a comfortable seat depth that’s perfect for entertaining. Folded up, the Fleur becomes a deep-seated lounge with head support.

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Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Felix Forest
Image: Josh Evans
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  • The ultimate brief for Fleur was to design a sofa that's both comfortable, provides head support and looks elegant. Three elements that don't usually go hand-in-hand in a sofa design.

  • In pursuit of a sofa that's champions comfort, head support and elegance, we explored the use of a folding mechanism. Because the headrest is such a long section of steel when upright it was a challenge getting the mechanism to perform requiring much strength to absorb the resistance of regular use. Once resolved, it became a matter of creating the form that housed the mechanism becoming a story of form-following-function. The folding form of the headrest informed the distinctive form of the sofa that also embodied a steel foundation with multiple layers of comfort technology.

  • The Fleur is built with an internal steel frame that enables its elegantly curved form. As an integrated one-piece design, Fleur is a low maintenance sofa with no components or loose filling to maintain. The folding backrest is easy to use, just lift or lower as desired. The adjustable setback arms allow users to personalise their comfort position via adjustment of the arm angle. The seat and backs employ multiple layers of quality PU foam to deliver ergonomic yet long-lasting furniture. The covers of the sofa are removable for cleaning or replacement extending the life of the sofa.

  • The Fleur collection comprises stand-alone products, including a sofa in three sizes, an armchair and ottomans also available in three sizes. A single topstitch traces the design, emphasising the curved silhouette and gently tracing the internal components integrated into each piece. Twin needle stitching separates the sofa seat cushions. This design choice is both aesthetic and functional. The stitching allows for a slight dome in the seat that acts like a diaphragm, flexing inward and supporting you as you sit, then springing back into place when you rise. Aesthetically, the detail delivers a clean, easily maintained finish. Also featuring the folding backrest, the Fleur Armchair swivels 180 degrees, self-centering when you stand to ensure the chair is always neatly aligned. The Fleur collection sits lightly on dark bronze legs that are unobtrusive and refined. The sofa sled leg assembles easily without tools, slotting in via two pins while having plastic bumpers to keep floor coverings protected. On the rear of the sofa a metal zipper features in the centre allowing the cover to be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.