Fixit – The Solution to Millions of Problems

  • 2016

  • Digital
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Fixit App Pty Ltd

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We’ve developed a simple app, backed by a powerful website.

These combine to enable users to submit info-rich maintenance reports to the right people. Fixit is able to report any issue globally with users collaborating to fix the problem, image sharing and direct messaging all within the app and web environment.

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  • Fixit is a SaaS (Software as a Service) - meaning account holders have a lot of power from the comfort of their own account login. Fixit can accommodate the reporting needs of a nation's Navy as well as a Tibetan monastery, the account admin simply manages their "reporting structure". The reporting structure is made up of 'branches' and branches are made up of 'options'. Once the single Fixit app is installed, users tap through the options to ultimately end at a problem and either solve it by considering the solutions or submitting it to the pre-saved or additionally added recipients.

  • From the account login, an account holder can build their reporting structure and include: - Inventory lists: These will interject in the user's reporting flow and ask them for the relevant ID to what's being reported. - Location: each option in the reporting structure can have a single or multiple address added, if there's multiple the user will be presented with a map. - Is it already reported?: Users can see existing reports and follow them rather than duplicate the report - Contacts: individuals and/or groups can be added to each option. These are then visible at the report's submission page, where the user can add anyone else they feel needs to know.

  • When an issue is reported, users can find the existing report through the app or see the link shared on social media. If they choose to, they can follow the issue forming a crowd of like minded people all eager to see the issue solved. The recipient of the report is motivated to fix the issue and inform the crowd of their good work

  • As a user views the pre-listed problem, they can consider the solutions. These appear in the form of dots. Green - "I tried it and it worked" Orange - "I tried it and it helped, but it needs to be looked at" Red - "I tried it and it did not work" Blue - "I did not or could not try this" These simple dots provide comprehensive feedback to the recipients. For example: If a stove is not responding, a solution maybe "Check Fuse Box, the switch needs to be in the down position". A red dot tells the recipients that this has been attempted and the issue is more complex.

    A common problem around complex supply chains is the breakdown of communication. When an employee finds a problem with a piece of equipment, the players include their supervisor, the supplier, their agent, the manufacturer and usually the brand that provides it. All these entities sit in different countries, speak different languages and are of different skill sets. Using Fixit's Shared Branches, the manufacturer can build their reporting structure and share it with those in the supply chain. Then when the employee reports the problem all the recipients are notified simultaneously, viewing images and chatting with each other to solve the problem.

    There are many apps designed to allow users to report problems to specific recipients, this demands the users download and familiarize themselves with the software. These apps cost a lot to build, maintain and promote. Fixit is one app for all users - using verified email address and other concepts user can only submit and view reports if they're authorised to do so. Fixit's model is a simple teared structure provisioning features based on the user's requirement.

    Reporting a problem isn't a new experience- however we have strived to streamline the process While we have adhered to the standard process of identifying the issue, managing the supporting information and submitting it for resolution. Fixit has numerous bolt-on features that can be used if the user desires- these include the use of geofenced areas, solution suggestion and an option to submit a report to Fixit's admin with supporting info, allowing us to offer a service with no dead ends.