FiberSense – Game Changing Real-Time Detection of Objects and Events


FiberSense DigitalAsset Marine is a breakthrough technology that provides subsea cable operators with the ability to detect, protect and reduce damage to marine infrastructure assets.

Using active fiber sensing, DigitalAsset Marine can identify threats such as anchor-drag and fishing-net-entanglement, providing advanced threat alerts and warnings to help safeguard marine infrastructure.

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  • Subsea fiber-optic cables are the only capital-intensive infrastructure that, once deployed to the ocean floor are completely invisible from the surface. It’s been that way since the first trans-Atlantic cable installation in the 1850’s. Most of the damage to submarine cables occurs in shore-end, shallow water and the majority is due to anchor-drag and fishing-net trawling. High-risk areas include cable protection zones and landing stations where there is an increased risk of multiple cables being taken out by the same event. FiberSense DigitalAsset™ Marine makes these underwater assets "visible", revealing threats that were virtually impossible to detect before.

  • The very real challenges that FiberSense DigitalAsset™ Marine’s innovations solve for customers is especially evident in the telecoms undersea cable networks -that act as the very “digital arteries” for our interconnected global community. We help make these critical connectors safer, more secure, and reliable for the benefit of the global community. We are confident that our sensing approach is becoming the de facto standard for monitoring all marine cables over the next decade.

  • DigitalAsset™ Marine is a game-changer in meeting the challenges operators face to improve subsea cable resilience and related maintenance demands. Even with marine cables buried and out of sight, our technology reveals the location and nature of potentially damaging events from anchor-drag, fishing-net entanglement, rock-fall, and unauthorized tampering. Being able to “see” these types of events in real-time along the cable allows operators to action mitigation strategies and pinpoint exactly when and where the risk is detected. This enables significantly improved incident response times, enhances the ability to attribute damage to specific third parties and lessen repair costs.

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