Fab 25 Table Lamp

  • 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

ISM Objects

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Fab 25 Table Lamp is a totally re-imagined version of our very first light ‘Fab Lamp’ that was developed and released in 1991. Designed as a flat-pack self-assembled table lamp it was easily transportable, appealing and suited to a modern lifestyle. Now the Fab 25 Lamp is even more so.

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  • The challenge with this project was to retain the appeal and DNA of the original Fab Lamp design whilst incorporating the major advances of lighting technology that have taken place in the past 25 years. The design brief was to create an object of affection with endearing and enduring qualities. Key features of the design were portability and packaging. The lampshade material also required an updated solution to align with the new light source and modern décor.

  • Fab 25 is now a far more sophisticated design solution to the original Fab table lamp truly representing the technical features and advances built into the product. The new table lamp is fitted with an LED lamp source, cordless battery power and USB re-charging socket - the Fab 25 is now totally portable and even more modern and appealing. The new lamp is material and energy efficient and represents the ISM brand by meeting our core purpose of providing an object of enduring affection that brings a space to life.

  • The update of this design provides a table lamp solution that 25 years later still retains the appeal of the original product, but introduces a more sophisticated palate of finishes to reflect the technical advances it incorporates. The new product only consumes 2.4W, significantly reducing the power consumption. The portable nature of the design allows for the lamp to be used for a more flexible lifestyle and to suit a more contemporary application. The gift-box style of packaging ensures that the product continues to minimise transport costs and associated environmental impacts.

  • The original Fab Lamp won an 'Artist & Industry' award for design and production, retailed at the MoMa gift shop in New York, and retailer Country Road commissioned an exclusive version and stocked the lamp nationwide. This much loved lamp is now updated for a new era. The aluminium cast base has been replaced with a sleeker machined aluminium base to house the recharging componentry and inbuilt flush switch. The cabling quickly connects from the new slimline stem to the base allowing the lamp to self-assemble easily and retain an updated version of the flat-pack gift box. The semi-transparent shade has been pressed from stainless steel and the surface treated in 3 metallic finishes, black, silver & gold. The shade appears opaque when the lamp is switched off and when illuminated becomes magnificently translucent revealing the inner LED lamp source. This updated non-traditional shade material matches the new technology update of the lamp, completing the product. ISM is a registered entity with the Australian Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council as a Responsible Supplier and the lamp meets with AS/NZS3128. The material choice and ease of dismantling ensures that at the end of life, this lamp can be easily separated for recycling and disposal.