Entegy Mobile Event Registration Kiosk

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Entegy’s event registration kiosk is a modular, easy to assemble and disassemble, transportable, durable and intuitive solution to greet and sign-in guests at professional events. Its minimalist and intuitive form ensures that it fits the bill of any event category or aesthetic.

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Image: Michael Leadbetter
Image: Michael Leadbetter
Image: Michael Leadbetter
Image: Michael Leadbetter
Image: Michael Leadbetter
Image: Michael Leadbetter
Image: Michael Leadbetter
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  • Entegy are an Australian based technology company traditionally specializing in event software platforms. Seeing a market opportunity to supply premium hardware to work in tandem with their software, Entegy commissioned Ember Design House to deliver a new conference registration kiosk design which better met the needs for events. The brief's "must have" specifications were light weight, easily set up and packed down, easily transported, and durable for many applications. Entegy are known for their reliable event software platforms, so a hardware solution to best partner their software was a key consideration.

  • The design boasts a durable sheet metal fabrication and textured powder coating which requires no tools and can be assembled and packed away in a few short minutes. Its is approximately half the weight of its regular competitors. Every user experience aspect has been considered such as simple screen height and angle adjustability, and discreet but easy to find contact-less phone scan to register. Upon pack down, the unit can be moved by trolley while protecting all electrical components during transport. Already in small runs of production, this is an event registration experience ready-made for the new world.

  • The end product is approximately half the cost of Entegy's competitor's offerings, is approximately half the weight and is a fraction of the size when packed down. These features result in a quicker and easier setup time. By adding a hardware solution designed to be used in tandem with their software, Entegy have re-gained an end to end control of a customers' experience with their technology. With the product being easier to use, it makes for a quicker registration and less queues, ensuring attendees are happy as they enter an event.

  • In a world where events have been thrown into chaos, so too was the design process as it was conceptualized well before the pandemic's impacts on the events industry would be known. The touch-free scan to register feature was designed primarily for an ease of use, well before contact-less interactions were ever being considered. As events are being eased back into our culture, minimizing event queues and maximizing contact-less interactions will become a strong offerings for events focused companies.